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Author Topic: Tithing  (Read 5233 times)

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« on: July 14, 2007, 10:32:10 PM »

    Brother Ray,
    You are making a grave mistake.
    You have taken the position as a leader in the Church, so you have a much higher accountability to the souls that Christ has trusted to you.  You reward or punishment will be much more severe than that of an average Christian citizen.  You need to take this message very seriously!
    You sure wasted a lot of time on that subject to prove that you are wrong!
    Why didn't you just ask Jesus "directly" regarding this subject?  It's obvious you don't even speak with Him.  You are puffed up with your own wisdom and works.
    If you say that you do speak directly to Jesus, I don't believe you, because your blindness to the Truth proves you don't hear His Voice. The Bible teaches us that we will know the tree by it's fruit, that a good tree cannot produce bad fruit.  Your teaching on tithing is rotten fruit...  yuck!
    Tithing is scriptural in the New Testament.
    Why do you say it is ok to rob God just because a bunch of false prophets, false apostles, false preachers, and false teachers have popped up all over the tv and radio and Internet, exploiting and robbing a bunch of sheepish believers with their prosperity preaching?  And the sheepish believers are not necessarily innocent in this, because they seem to believe they can buy a miracle if they tithe.  They are fools as well, for if they would truly seek and ask Jesus directly, He would show them when, where, and how to give, and help them discern false preachers and false ministries through His Holy Spirit (1 JOHN 2:26-27)
    You should be rejoicing, because Jesus said it would be this way in the last days.
    But did Jesus say to stop tithing when this happens?  No, He didn't.  Jesus never commanded us to stop tithing.
    I agree that there is a huge mess of money-grubbing, money-hungry, and money-loving preachers in the church leadership today, but what about the real churches and real church leaders, officers, ministers, who depend on people giving to run God's Ministry?  It is scriptural that we should financially support God's Church, God's Ministry. It is true that we must all work and support ourselves if capable, but some (not all) are called to work in the ministry full time, and be supported by the giving of others. You are teaching people that it is ok to rob, to be thieves, that all church leadership needs to work to support their own ministries.  Well, my Bible says that thieves don't enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
    You say that the Levitical priesthood no longer exists.  You are wrong.  Levitical priests walk this earth at this very moment, even as you are reading this message.  Why are you so blind to this?
    Question: why should we focus on the tithe in terms of giving?  Answer: because it is the minimum standard that God gave to us to help us measure our giving, to know that it is acceptable to Him.  Yes, we can give more, or less, but when we give, God looks at how much we kept for ourselves, not how much we gave.  Again, the tithe helps even the most simple-minded person to understand if they are pleasing God, without a pastor having to translate or dictate it to them.
    I didn't contact you to argue with you.  I am your brother in Christ, and Jesus sent me to give you this message.  I ask you to take this very seriously, and not to just cast it aside with all the others you refuse to listen to or consider reasoning with, because it is the last warning you will receive.
    I want you to know that personally I am against the open solicitation and pandering for donations and contributions, which includes being against the consistent and regular passing of a plate or basket at church services, or having a donation button on a web site.  But I still give tithes and offerings, as the Lord Jesus moves my heart to give freely.  And I don't just give anywhere, I am very careful in my giving.  Good soil deserves good seed.  Bad soil = not gonna waste my time giving even a single seed to it. And when I give, I always begin with the tithe as my minimum and starting point.  That way, I know I at least have God's attention.  Giving less than the tithe (10%) is a waste of time, because it is robbing God, and He won't even look your way for anything less.  And if you say you don't have or can't afford to give 10%, then you are calling God a liar (the unpardonable sin!), because now you are saying He d oesn't provide you with enough to give some back.  God sees you as a tightwad, and a worrier!
    Jesus (God) says that when you rob His Children, when you rob His Church, when you rob His Church leaders, when you rob His Ministry, when you rob His Representatives in His Place here on earth, you are robbing HIM!
    I will close with a challenge for you.  Pray this prayer, if you think you are still right, or even if you think or know that you are wrong.  If you can't pray this prayer, then you are proud, and will be charged with the crime of pride on your judgment day.  Pride is a serious offense, and so is denial, and so is the blind leading the blind.
    Take your time, think and pray this one through.  Ok, here is the prayer.  Pray it out loud if you are not proud:
    "Lord Jesus, in your name, not my will be done, but Your Will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven.  Please Lord Jesus, show me the Truth.  And help me to communicate this Truth to your flock, especially those I may have lead astray. Amen."
    Ask Jesus to change you into a good tree. Don't be afraid or ashamed to say that you were wrong to others.  Humble yourself, seek the Truth, ask Jesus "directly" to help you, to show you the Truth. Humble yourself before Him.  Don't be proud.  It is better to be ashamed here than to be ashamed in Heaven.  And much better than being ashamed in Hell!
    When you get the Truth from Jesus directly, post it and make changes to your web site. Do what He shows to do. And tell others of the new Truth He will reveal to you.
    You still have a chance to make this right.  Do the right think, brother Ray.
    In service to Christ & with Christ's Love,
    Brother Robert
    Christ's Empire Ministries

What an unscriptual crockamania!  Jesus didn't tithe. Jesus didn't teach His disciples to tithe to His Church. Jesus didn't take tithes for His church. The apostles didn't tithe to Christ's church. The Apostles didn't teach others to tithe, neither did they take or receive tithes. Paul did not teach the Gentiles to tithe. Neither did Paul accept tithes--He did something most ministers are too proud to do: HE WORKED WITH HIS HANDS! And.........AND, "money" was never a titheable commodity. It is a SIN to teaching tithing as a law for New Covenant Believers, and those who teach and enforce it will be severely judged at the Great White Throne/Lake of Fire Judgment for this evil and damnable heresy.
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