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Author Topic: Comments  (Read 4056 times)

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« on: July 19, 2007, 07:03:22 PM »

Dear Setha: I read my emails virtually every day, but I do not answer them every day, as I receive tens of thousands of emails. Last year the average wait for an email answer was months. Hence I will make only a few brief COMMENTS as your email is entirely too long and to broad...................

Dear Ray,

I have enjoyed reviewing your website. A friend of mine referred it to me as an interesting read. I am glad to see that you have researched your bible so extensively, including the Greek. Your website was very refreshing compared to most of the ignorant Christian websites on the internet. I was impressed by your grasp of common sense, wittiness, and I respect your beliefs.

Unfortunately, my respect for you became somewhat diminished as I went through your email responses. Regrettably, you treated your attackers with the same harshness and anger that they showed you. "I'm glad that you aren't my son.  May the real God have mercy upon your wretched soul." I was also sadden to see the closed mindedness you, yourself, are so easily frustrated with:
COMMENT:  I get neither angry or frustrated.  The man needed to be shown the truth. He was watching his own father being tortured in literal fire which is to last for all eternity, and he said or did nothing to save him. I would again say to this man exactly what I did. He needed to hear the truth of his hypocrisy.

"In the after life, if you are wrong, will you be willing to change and do what God wants?

COMMENT:  I doubt it. I think that I will stick to my guns, right or wrong!

Now granted the scripture at the end of your email conveys your sarcasm, but was it necessary? Love your enemies, don't fight them.

COMMENT:  I "answered a fool according to his folly." It was the perfect situation for doing so. I would do the same again. We are TOLD to "answer a fool according to his folly," but people get mighty upset at anyone who does. It isn't that I did wrong, it's just that you don't approve of this Proverb.

You expressed that reincarnation was a "doctrine of demons." Why?

COMMENT:  Because it is. It comes from Egypt and Egyptian religion is filled with demonism.

 Is it not as logical as any afterlife scenario? Can you honestly answer me saying that you know what will happen when you die? No one knows Mr. Ray, it is faith that drives you to such conclusions and it would appear that everyone has faith.

COMMENT: I have two sources for my beliefs regarding death and resurrection--Science and Scripture.

 What makes your faith better than everyone else's?

COMMENT: It may not be better than EVERYONE else's, but it does come from God (Eph. 2:8-10), so I wouldn't knock it if I were you.

 I have a complication with faith Mr. Ray. Perhaps it is because I don't understand it. There is a perfect balance in the universe, good and evil, left and right, life and death, and if you want to believe in a heaven, Mr. Ray, you would logically have to believe in a hell (fiery furnace).

COMMENT:  There are CONTRASTS in the universe, but your suggestion that "life and death" and "heaven and hell" are "PERFECT BALANCES" is absurd. If life must be "balanced" by death, then there will never be true life and we will never get rid of death. What will happen to your "perfect balance" when God DOES AWAY WITH EVERYTHING ON THE EVIL AND DARK SIDE? "And God shall wipe away all tears, from their eyes, and there shall be NO MORE DEATH, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more PAIN; for the former things are PASSED AWAY" (Rev. 21:4).

 I am not advocating a belief in hell (fiery furnace), I believe it is the all time sale men's trick.  I personally believe (actually don't know) in reincarnation, but please consider not all doctrine of reincarnation is the same. I seriously doubt that if I am unable to attain gnosis I will be turned into a cow or something of the sort in the next life. I believe this is hell (separation from "God"), because the Divine isn't here. When I die I believe that I will return to the Source, if I achieve gnosis, and if I don't I will return here to try again. What is wrong with this "faith"?

COMMENT:  WHAT is it based on? There is no authority for such a faith.

Secondly, how can you believe in a deity that left no evidence of existence, Despite his monumental impact on society?

COMMENT:  He didn't leave any evidence of His existence?  Oh really?  And what would you call the Universe and human life with a brain and a conscious MIND, evidence of? Evolution? Give me a break. And then there are the Holy Scriptures. If you haven't studied them, you are not qualified to pass judgment on them.

 Please don't refer me to Lee Strobel's "Case for Christ" Mr. Ray, as it is a book of half truths and weak assertions. I can only assume a man educated in the Greek such as yourself

COMMEJNT:  I am not educated in Greek or any other language. I barely get by in English.

would have been exposed to original Christianity, Gnositcism.

COMMENT:  The very idea of an immortal soul imprisoned in a human body is Egyptian and pagan to the core, not to mention unscriptural and anti-scriptural.

God be with you,


Thank you for your patience in reading this email.

Gnothi Sauton kai Meden Agan,

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