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Author Topic: Hell  (Read 2028 times)

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« on: July 19, 2007, 07:06:50 PM »

    There is a book, 23 minutes in hell about a mans experience into the pit of hell! here is the link to a page which includes some of the things Bill went through in hell. Listen we are ALL sinners if u lie once your a LIAR. You sin your a SINNER, we all fall short of GODS expectations. GOD does NOT wish us to go to hell, the devil does and by not believeing in hell we are doing exactly what the devil wants us to do. It's part of his plan, by not believeing in hell we go to hell, and by not believeing that JESUS can save us we also go to hell!! We are all sinners, GOD does not wish for us to go to hell he wants his beautiful creatures to be saved. In order to do so we must believe in GOD and believe he is our only source of salvation and believe there is such a place as hell, repent for our sins, for we are ALL sinners. And thus will we be saved. SPREAD the word let it be known to others and everyone you come across that there is a hell, and that JESUS CHRIST our savior can save us from it!!!!!! That is the greatest gift you can give mankind. That way we can all go to paradise and join our creator and savior in the beautiful place of HEAVEN!!!!!! The life we live now its short it is a mere 100 years if we get to live that long. After death, is an eternity thare is  NOO way out of hell your there FOREVER. The work we should be doing now in these 100 years we are given is to help save those who do NOT belive in a hell so that they will NOT go there!!..HELP them believe that there IS a hell and JESUS can save us!! We are given these 100 years to spread GODS word!! The REAL life which is the afterlife comes when we die. I believe this time on earth is given to marry, raise a family, and to enjoy but also an d VERY, actually maybe MOST IMPORTANTLY to help those who do not believe and save them!!! GOD said he is coming soon so we must save eachother and spread the word. GOD LOVES us all SO SO SO much and wants only the best for his beautiful creations!! If we let it be known to others that there IS such a place as hell and that our LORD and JESUS can save us from it than we shall all be saved!!!! That is why I am writing to you because I want you to be saved also and help spread the word so that you can help save others as well!! It's the least we can do for each other. Just one simple message. That there IS a hell and that JESUS can save us from it if only we believe he can!!!!!!!! Thanks for listening!!

    Dear Silvia:  Does everyone get 23 minutes in hell in order to determine whether they want to live there for all eternity or not?


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