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Author Topic: Question  (Read 4555 times)

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« on: July 19, 2007, 07:08:49 PM »

i was born to a mother and grandmother who was pentocastol and a farther and grandfather that was catholic i went to a catholic church and school till i was 7 and then my grandfather and fater passed away soi started going to a pentocastol church and was saved when i was 13 and now am 25 and have back slidden and went back but now i am arguing with some friends that i was taught "Once Saved Always Saved and nowhere in the bible does it say that but it doesn't say anything different what do i do

Dear Cheryl:  In the last section of my paper: "YOU FOOLS! YOU HYPOCRITES! YOU SNAKES!" you will see the below heading followed by a long explanation as to when and how someone is actually saved:


[1] THE SINNERíS PRAYER: What seems on the surface to be a wonderful thing, is in reality a horrible deception in the Church. I have heard it said many times that just REPEATING the "Sinnerís Prayer" will save anyone.

I recently heard an altar call on international television wherein the pastor told those coming to the altar that "In just two minutes, many of you will be saved and destined for eternity in heaven." Two days ago I clicked on The Trinity Broadcasting Network airing a program on creationism hosted by a man with a doctorís degree (which I did a check on and found his degree to be bogus). Anyway, he invited his audience to say a "sinnerís prayer" with him. I timed itótwenty seconds exactly. Do twenty-second prayers really save people? Or is the "sinnerís prayer" just one more giant deception of the Church?

God be with you,

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