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Author Topic: Saved From?  (Read 5542 times)

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Saved From?
« on: July 23, 2007, 10:45:17 PM »

        Dear Ray,

        First, I thank you for your tireless efforts. I do hope you manage to get a little break now and then. I am being selfish. Some of us want you to stick around for a long long time, God willing.

        I am amazed at how many people write you because they took offence at your teaching the truth about God saving the whole of humanity. They spew hatred and anger at "your" snatching away of innocent souls from the yearning outreach of a helpless father who just wants to be loved. They loathe you for having fooled these innocent victims into believing that our Father is quite willing and able to bring all of humanity into His family through His Son Jesus. Now their god HAS NO CHOICE but to submit to inflicting the horrible reward that you and satan compel. Even though you have fooled us we had a choice (huh?). But their god does not get to choose; he must use an eternal hellhole torture pit just to prove how much he really loves us and would have liked things to be different.

        Meanwhile, your detractors appear to feel all safe and sound, totally confident of their own redemption because no loving god would ever do something like that to them!!

        Ray, I am far from being truly converted and in constant turmoil, but I know that you speak the truth. And as far as people being offended at your straightforward delivery… too bad. You have corrected me once with such direct passion as to bring me almost to tears. Well I survived and wrote back to tell you that I was embarrassed, humbled and GRATEFUL.

I hope you find this worth reading as sometimes I just feel the need to write. No need to answer and feel free to post this if you think it is of value to others.

May God continue to bless you and yours,


        Dear Mike:  Do not become discouraged because you are not yet where you desire to be spiritually in your life.  God works differently with different people.  We see it in our daily lives and the the lives of those in the Scriptures.  It took over three years before the Apostles were converted, yet Saul/Paul submitted to God almost instantly after his calling.

        God be with you,


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