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Author Topic: Constructive Criticsm  (Read 3501 times)

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Constructive Criticsm
« on: August 07, 2007, 09:39:59 PM »

Dear Gene:  I will make a few COMMENTS in your absurd and holier-than-thou email........

    Hey Ray
       I like your fire
    And I'm a christian disciple so when I heard how much you were so against how its not biblical to give money to the church
    COMMENT:  I have NEVER said it is "not biblical to give money to the church," nor am I "against" such a practice.
    and how it isn't this and it isn't that i thought I would shoot you an email.  At first I was going to do it from anger but my wife told me to pray.  So I did then everything I wrote you was inspired by  the spirit.  I'm not judging so don't take it that way.  I'm trying to understand your human nature.  I have a problem with the entire church as a whole because of the lack of accountability.  So I thought I would let you know what I was seeing from another perspective.  Once again I do give ten percent of my money to the church and no I don't keep track.  The other part I was talking about was my time,  and that is what I was referring to when I said to give much more.  My main point is that you tell people not to tithe that's fine I guess.
    COMMENT:  I have NEVER told people "not to tithe."
     Your trying to keep people informed of the new covenant law or what ever.  My problem is that you are doing like every other analytical Christan I know you rely on your own power to interpret the Bible
    COMMENT:  That statement is blatantly false if not a an out and out lie.
     when all you need is to let the Spirit speak to you through the words.  It seems to me that your focused on something that doesn't really matter anyway it's a doctrinal issues
    COMMENT:  Maybe you would personally like to address the drawer full of communications and emials I have from poor and elderly people and their concerned relatives telling me about how so many believe their pastors that it is a LAW to tithe and to not tithe their PAYCHECKS (money was never tithable even under Moses), then they are breaking God's law and that is a sin and the wages of sin according to these same preachers is "ETERNAL TORTURE  SOME CHRISTIAN HELLHOLE OF FIRE.  Not to mention that they will also be CURSED WITH A CURSE from God before they go to hell.
    and the New Testament teaches us not to argue doctrine.
    COMMENT:  We ARE to teach sound doctrine (I Tim. 1:3, I Tim. 6:3, Titus 1:9, etc., etc.) And that's what I do.
     So I won't argue it with you since your probably right.  And all the verses I wrote you were from God's heart not mine.  I think with your fire you could do and probably already do great things for the Lord.  My focus is on the great commission that Jesus Gave us to make disciples of many nations.  It seems to me that this part of your life has nothing to do with the Gospel message and a whole lot to do with MONEY.
    COMMENT:  Well your are totally wrong and you are also way out of line in your foolish accusations. I have one paper on tithing and it is the ONLY paper of thousands of pages on my site that deals with money. And the only reason it deals with money is because the heretic ministers teaching the tithing of money which is and also was unscriptural.  I assure you that MONEY is not as important to me as it is to you.
     And if you really understood the human nature or as Paul puts it the "sin full nature" you would understand that your whole life couldn't be dedicated to the Gospel.  Since we all sin and fall short the glory of God, your no exception and neither am I.  I embrace it and grow you seem to be stagnating around your money.
    COMMENT:  I am 66 years old with many many infirmities, but I assure you that you could not keep up with me for one week. Don't you be accusing me of "spiritual stagnation," Such statements are turning from foolishness to out and out slander.
      I'm sorry if I have made you mad or something I'm just giving you another perspective of how your message is received.
    COMMENT:  You cannot make me mad, but you can cause me to "ANSWER A FOOL ACCORDING TO A FOOL" (Prov. 26:5).  Besides, these emails such as yours are truly great teaching tools for the hundreds of thousands who come to our site.  By the way, there are thousands of emails on our site where people tell us how they received out message and how it has turned them back to God like nothing else (including their church) ever has--"By their FRUITS you shall know them."
     I pray that you would be receptive to a little constructive criticism from a Christian brother.
    COMMENT:  I am totally open to "constructive Christian criticism."  Do you have any for me?
    God be with you,

                       In Christ Gene
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