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Author Topic: Planted Beliefs  (Read 4724 times)

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Planted Beliefs
« on: August 12, 2007, 11:04:12 AM »

> Hi Ray.
> My name is Ruan, I'm 17 years old. I thank the Lord
> for using His good and faithful servants to bring His
> light into darkness and rightly dissect the Word of
> truth.
> By God's grace I've been set apart for His work in a
> great manner (as are all of His disciples!), and I've
> known and treasured this my whole life.
> Since I can remember, I've had principles or ideas
> stirring around in me somewhere, most of the time very
> 'strange' stuff, compared to what I see and hear my
> pastors, parents and especially the media portray
> concerning 'Christianity'. I've been very reluctant to
> entertain and think through (let alone discuss) these
> beliefs that were screaming out from the inside of me.
> The reason being that these questions caused me to
> doubt many great voices on Christianity in this world.
> On hindsight though, these beliefs were not put there
> by my choosing, but rather planted there by my Master
> for His great purpose. I thank the Lord for
> (supernaturally) leading me to, which
> has confirmed and proven these 'strange' ideas to be
> accurate after-all. And that said, not according to
> man's ideas or pet-doctrines, but the holy, pure Word
> of the God Who has called me. I praise Him for using
> who He has chosen to bring this light unto so many,
> including me. And by His will, spoken and confirmed
> many times over my lifespan, this is the direction He
> has called me in as well. I'm very excited to learn
> and grow further into what He has destined for me.
> Please let me know if there is anything at all that I
> can do to aid you in this endeavour. Please, anything
> at all.
> PS. I've so-far only read one article, the topics, and
> a few of your replies to messages available on the
> site, and I am already fully convinced this is of the
> same Holy Spirit Who daily leads me. In a world full
> of false-prophets, it was the humbleness, selfless
> love and ultimately Christ-ness with which you speak
> that has gripped and totally convinced me.
> Can't wait to eat the rest of these teachings, always
> keeping God's Word as my Regulator!
> May God be with you.
> Fellow Kingdom-builder
> Ruan

Dear Ruan: Thank you for your email and enthusiasm. I think the best thing

you could do is to tell others of our site, and be the best living example of

a follower of Jesus Christ for others to see.

God be with you,

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