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Author Topic: Hell  (Read 5689 times)

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« on: April 21, 2006, 09:55:29 PM »

Hello, I've been reading thru all your material over the course of the month.  Its making sense, definately faith-provoking. Some of your writings/arguments could be made more clear by being more linear and also in content. There are a few points which spend too much time telling about the proof you WILL show and the proof is missed if you're not looking hard.

 There are 2 questions regarding your Hell-C paper. (I'll keep them short) I fully believe what you are saying but these linger:
 1) the church is the 'whore' (Rev.) and God is calling us out; why does he
mention his 7 churches pointing out the good and the bad then strengthening them to improve?

2)in your II Peter 2:4 reference mentioning 'tataroo'; I'd like to know WHERE exactly God sent those cast down angels. Because later in the bible, mentions the unrepentant being cast into what was 'meant for the angels'.

I did read your papers on hades/sheol & Gods consuming/purifying fire; and i'm with you. But it seems that Peter is mentioning a place where the 'bad' angels go and then that other reference.

P.S. I have gone over much of your work. If you would like me to 'clean' it up, ie edit (ie linear arrangement, etc.) for the problems mentioned above, I would be happy to embark. (I'm not saying you aren't thorough but I could make it more understandable without pages and pages of overlapping. I've been thinking of a few ways of regrouping some of your points accross papers to make less baggage.)

Dear Reader:

God has always witnessed against unbelieving Israel (His Church), as well as witnessng to those He chose to live by faith within the Nation/Church.

Under the New Covenant, this choosing of the faithful involved a more pronounced departure from the main group. Paul witnessed to Gentiles in the Synagogues of the Jews, for example, but when they believed Paul's message concerning Jesus Christ, they left the synagogue and met in private homes of like believers.

The truth is, once one begins to believe God's Word and live by God's Word, he will not need to come out of the Church or leave the Church, the Church will KICK HIM OUT!  I can personally attest to this.

Each generation who reads the book of revelation will see their sins presented--both to the called and the chosen. Of course, the called have always believed that they are the chosen.  It's just God's way to conceal a matter for HIs own ultimate majesty.

Tartaroo is a subject to the next HELL Part C paper.

God be with you,

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