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Author Topic: Mr Smith  (Read 5569 times)

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Mr Smith
« on: April 21, 2006, 09:58:27 PM »

Mr. Smith,

I have stumbled on your website and have read over a few of your doctrines, you seem to find delight in proving the mistranslation of the bible and showing numerous ways to prove that man has tampered with the correct teachings of God.  In no way do I disagree, but my question to you sir is: If you do have faith in the eternal realm and you do believe that Christ came to save us from our sins…where do we go from there??  Meaning, are the promises of God not true?  And if God is all powerful, how would he allow man (whom he created) the right to tamper with his truth which is the only truth??  There has to be truth in the bible and there has to be an eternal realm where a heaven and hell exist.  Your proof shows exact human translations of the only cultures who were lucky enough to embrace the words of God, if were able to interpret God exactly why would we need this test called life??

You may have your own earthly answers to our already admitted failures, but is the focus of God to point fingers or to collaborate on a final attempt to spread what we know to those that do not.  You have great knowledge and a humble spirit, but the Lord did not command any of us with these talents to use them to spark confusion within his house.  I feel you can use your experiences to further the teachings of the gospel (you may feel you already are) but watch for the interference of the evil one.  Be weary of his job, his whole goal is to make man feel he has never existed.  The reason why so many followers label you as a cultist is because there is no “end? your teaching.  If there is no Heaven or Hell, no fire to punish our souls for committing the ultimate sin (which is to deny that Christ has died for sins) and no place to receive our rewards for believing and trying our best to spread the teachings of the Father then what are the promises of God??  If I may, I would like to hear from your heart and not from books written by other men.

Your Answer is most appreciated and if you don’t answer, well let’s just say your only human right??...Right!!!

Have a good life sir and if you do want to talk I am here also

Thank You,


Dear Wesley:

Your statements concerning me and my writings are so untrue, that it is not possible to even answer your email in any detail. As for you stating that there is "no end" in my writing, I am assuming you mean no goal, no destiny, no final outcome, as you believe a "heaven or hell" is the perfect solution to "end" all things.

Yes, there is an "end" or destiny in view from my writings and the Scriptures, and that end is THE SALVATION OF ALL MANKIND.  I write about this often. Very often.  Very very often--ALL THROUGH ALL OF MY PAPERS: perhaps you missed it?

There is the Kingdom of God, the Family of God, of which we will all be "sons and daughbers."

God be with you,


PS  I don't write about "books of men" either.
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