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Author Topic: Tithing  (Read 3550 times)

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« on: August 27, 2007, 10:29:40 PM »

Dear Caleb: I will make a few "COMMENTS" in your email..........

I would just like to point out that tithing is very biblical and is demanded by the Holy Scriptures.
COMMENT:  You know Caleb, when "I" make a comment that profound with such far-reaching consequences, I back it up with Scripture, after Scripture, after Scripture. Where is your Scriptures?
 As Paul the apostle points out that he has every right to be payed by his church
COMMENT: Are you suggesting that the Apostles of Jesus Christ were paid a "salary" or "wage" in the form of hard, cold CASH?
yet he forsakes that right and makes his own living so that he does not have to be obligated to any one church or people but that he would be able to teach everyone about Jesus.
COMMENT:  WHOA........  If tithing was a "law" of  God binding on believers, and Paul did not teach it, then he was derelict in his duty to teach all that is required.  If Paul didn't want the 'tithe"  why would he refuse it for the poor and widows among the congregations, seeing that was one the main uses for the tithe?
 Another point is that how are we supposed to have people work full time to teach us about the bible if they dont get payed a penny to do so.
COMMENT:  What are you talking about?  I thought the subject was "tithing."  What does paying a minister a salary have to do with the Biblical doctrine of 'TITHING?"  Money is not a titheable commodity!  That's one of the main reason I wrote my paper. If you don't even know what tithing IS, how are you going to defend?  Tithing was ONLY on products from the field, to the LEVITES and poor ONLY, under the tabernacle/temple system ONLY.
 I cannot think of many people that would live with no money (wich is impossible in todays society) but preach the Word every sunday. The New Testament strictly says the church is to take care of its pastors. Also, God still requires the first fruits of everything a Christian makes.
COMMENT:  First fruits are not on SALARIES OR MONEY.  Are you suggesting that everyone should send Paula White their first MONTH'S salary every year?
 If you would study the new testament a little more... you'd see that too. i hope this provides something for you to think about and grow on.
COMMENT:  "Study?"  A very casual reading of the New Testament would prove all your "tithing" nonsense wrong.
God be with you,

     - Have a nice day!
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