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Author Topic: Satan's Dinner  (Read 5046 times)

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Satan's Dinner
« on: September 02, 2007, 11:15:23 AM »

I will make a few COMMENTS in your email...........

    Ray do not get angry, I know that you get mad when you sense that I disagree. But I am not attacking you, just making an statement to think about.

    COMMENT:  I assure you that I do not get "mad" at people who disagree with me. That is your perception, not the truth.

    Well, every thing in the physical world is made of dust, to say that Satan dines on men is just a speculation


    Of course, man is included also, he is dust too. Technically all living things eat dust

    To devour is an expression that do not necessarily involves literal eating,

    COMMENT:  But Peter did not use our English "expression" for "devour."  The GREEK word which Peter used was  "karopeno" and it means, "to drink down, that is gulp entirely, swallow up" in addition to "devour."  It is in fact the very same word that Jesus used when He said that the Pharisees were "swallowing" CAMELS (Matt. 23:24). Or do you suppose Jesus meant to say that the Pharisees were "DEVOURING" camels? I think not.

    Satan is a fake lion, the true Lion is Jesus who will devour the whole humanity.

    COMMENT:  No, Satan is not a "fake" lion, he is like a real "figurative" lion. He will "swallow" a man up spiritually, in like manner as a literal lion will "swallow up a man physically.

    Man is the "dust of the earth" upon which Satan dines: "The first man [Adam] is of the earth, earthy [dust]…" (I Cor. 15:47). Man IS ‘dust.’

        "…for DUST you are, and unto DUST shall you return" (Gen. 3:19).
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