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Author Topic: If you are a real person  (Read 2457 times)

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If you are a real person
« on: September 03, 2007, 09:31:26 PM »

Hi..How are you doing still alive or you're with
our lord? maybe you won't understand my english (I'm
Brazilian and my native language is portuguese okay
)..really I don't know why I'm writing to you? Ray
you deserve all of my respects( do you know what Imean
?) I learned to speak your language by myself haha
because of that you can't understand my way to write
okay..Sorry about that!okay let's go the subject! Ray
I admire to you for real don't know me! I'm
nothing and I'm not real christian( everyday i'm
trying to be.. but for real I'm bad guy). sorry IF
I'm bothering to you..really I don't believe that you
are reading to this email...maybe you're not a real
person!who are you ? why did you made this website? (
I'm not insulting to you.... okay )you're (if you're
real person hahaha if you not! you (people ) stil l
gigave to think about it..)okay whatever is real in
the end...I don't care... for real! God is my
God..yeah I can't understand to him as you (MEN )
write about HIM( too many contradictions..sorry I'm
not saying that you're wrong so far from that haha

But I'm still going to this life until I know
great guy (if you're real okay f you not still you
(people you are ..)I'm not saying that I believe in
you ( you really teach me ..some trues (Okay I already
knew some of them when i WAS 16 YEARS OLD yeah I'm not
a good mood now ..really I'm in very bad
shape...)Really I'm here for thank to you very much
because whatever your real intentions are>>>>>
something very good is coming from that!and Really I
hope that you're real person (i don't care who you are
..good or evil whatever ! you're still my brother on
both ways ( good and evil....hahah a don' t get me wrong
guy ? My thing is woman yeah )have agreat evening
and thank to you! wrong or right .... who cares...
Our God is creator and for real He's not a dumd and I
admire and Ilove the Man yhat I never wILL BE our Lord
Jesus Christo...... We all are HIS slave MAYBE WE CAN
BE his brother..

Delete it if you wanna , but youcan delet my
thoughts and my mid ...have good luck Ray ( if you're
real ) ...everything will be fine to you..don't
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