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Author Topic: Philosophy?  (Read 1923 times)

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« on: September 05, 2007, 10:23:45 PM »

Hello ray, hope all is well with you and your family!

I wanted to tell you i just listened to your free will audio in its entirety, and i must say it was the most i have ever learned in all my life! In like 2 hours, i learned more then i'm sure i will ever learn in this darn philosphy class 100 i'm takeing.

Yea i'm writing again to you just to talk, but your someone who knows the TRUTH and i feel like that philosophy class isn't what i was hopeing for.

I mean on the first day, my teacher said we will be discussing FREE WILL [along with other subjects] and you can tell she totaly thought it was all true and that determinism is just nonsence and you know what her definition of FREE WILL was? I know this is a shocker! Here it comes, brace for impact! [*drum roll*]


I almost had a heart attack! I mean here is a philosphy major, who is supposed to be studied in these concepts, and that was her definition?

Boy ray i feel like i'm gonna be wasteing my time.. What good is all this WRONG knowledge? I just want the truth you know? And maybe GOd's saying 'Alex you CANT HANDLE the truth right now' or atleast not all of it, but boy what He's shown me is just makeing me hungry and thirsty for more of it like a wild dog that hasn't eatin in a week!

You know, what good is all this school, if i can't learn the truth? I mean take for example my marine science class? Yea science is great, cool stuff, interesting, but i mean i don't want to be a scientist, i want to know the TRUTH! I don't want to know about temperol things that will pass, you know? Dear God just give me the book filled with the truth, oh right thats the bible. Dang man but its like you need that spirit of God to unseal it you know? God's been so merciful with me, i am really rebilious kid you know, but He's been so graceious and merciful i am so thankful, i dont' deserve any of the knowledge He's shown me, most of it through you.

Gosh i really wanna attend one of them conferences! I'm gonna try real hard for the next one, or the one after that.

I'd really love to meet you in person! I wish i had amentor like you around here, that i could go to and learn from, and not waste my time yo uknow, kind of like i'm doing in that philosophy class. I mean they talk about the concept of good and evil and if God is so good why is there evil. I mean have they ever heard of the term RELATIVE? If God just gave us all good, we wouldn't know good because we wouldn't have anything to tell us it was good cuz we never experienced evil! I mean i learned that one from you, but boy i mean.. i feel smarter then the teacher and its just lame!

So much to learn, i guess the reason i say its so lame is because we HAVE TO, i AM FORCED [not inspired :P] to learn this because if i want a job in life to sustain a family hopefuly one day and to keep eating everyday so i can stay alive and learn as much about God as i can and the truth, then i have to do all this stuff, and i really don't want to cuz its such a bore and a drag when you know half of it is nonsence. Atleast the philosophy. Speech 100 is lame too, i mean comon. I have to read all these pages about how theres different types of speach, like body language, and facial expressions and blah blah blah. Ugh! Bieng in college is such a drag, but i  know you know that, you went through it.

Oh well i guess this where God wants me, well i know its where He wants me cuz i'm right here, LOL! So i guess ill be studying lots more hopeful God inspires  me to study more cuz ir ealy want to but i'm so full of energy i'm impatient sometimes and i can't sit and read me bible. I do try, but like exodus towards the end was really hard for me, because alot of it was about the tabarnacle you know, and how aaron and his sons gotta do the stuff and what not. I know theres lots of SPIRITUAL stuff in there, i'm just not at that point where i can get really into it. I'm still chewin on them basic things, well deep things, but basic also in a way.

Well sorry for the long jabber ray, i don't mean to take your time, but i like talking to you, your smart in things that matter by Gods mercy offcourse =] I am thankful for that, and that i can talk to you, even if you can't talk back. Sometimes it means alot just knowing someone listens to what you say, even if they don't say anything back at all.

God bless ya ray, and i hope you will have alot more stuff comeing our way. I still have alittle confusion on the OT law and how it all ties in with paul saying that which is old is ready to wax away and what not but then how you said the 10 commandments [the law] are spiritual. I mean i don't know maybe it sme little brain can't handle so much, but either way i hope you continue writeing!

Thx alot ray and i pray for you all the time as God allows me!

Love in Christ from your [little] Brother,


Dear Alex:  If you are just starting college and you are not yet settled on what you want to major in, and the liberal arts classes are so boring to you, maybe you could consider a trade school?  If you can find a trade that you would like. There, virtually all your classes would be factual and applicable to your trade, and not the philosophies of the world and its churches.

God be with you,

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