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Author Topic: Early Manuscripts?  (Read 4147 times)

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Early Manuscripts?
« on: September 24, 2007, 09:00:24 AM »

    Hi Ray, I have a question re the text below.  You say that Mark 9:48 is the only time it appears in the earliest manuscripts etc.  Then you say that the one time it is used in verse 44 it is a quotation etc.  Is it 48 or 44 that appears in the early manuscripts.  Also how do I check the earliest manuscripts?  Are there published english translations that one can obtain?  Thanks
    Jerry Upchurch
    The word "worm" appears in most bibles three times in Mark 9. However, Mark 9:48 is the only time it appears in the earliest and best Greek manuscripts. Mark 9:44 is spurious, and Mark 9:45b ("...into the fire that never shall be quenched") and 9:46 are all spurious. The one time it is used in verse 44, it is a quotation from Isa. 66:24. Worm is translated from the Hebrew word Itola, and is defined as "a maggot." It's one time use in the Greek is from skolex, and also is defined as 'a maggot.'

    Dear Jerry:  Yes, there are.  The "published English translations" are called "Bibles," but it is the Bibles that have these errors, so how are you to know the truth without being able to [1] acquire actual copies of the original Siniaticus, Vaticanus, etc., manuscripts (which is extremely difficult to do in the first place--they don't sell them in Bible book stores, you know), and [2] have the ability to read and understand ancient Greek and Hebrew?  Answer:  Come to my Mobile Bible Conference the first weekend of November, and in less than ten hours I will explain it to you.

    God be with you,
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