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Author Topic: Second Death  (Read 5490 times)

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Second Death
« on: September 25, 2007, 06:09:42 PM »

Dear Charles:  I will make a few COMMENTS in your email.............

    Thank you brother Smith for your teachings, I have read a lot of them and have been bless by them praise God, but I have noticed that in your teachings you have, me to believe that when an unrighteous person dies the second death, and you say forgive me if I am wrong, they are on more, so how is Jesus going to save the whole world when they are no more.
    COMMENT:  Actually I have NEVER written about "the second death" as yet, and I have never said that when someone dies that they, "are no more."  When a person dies they are not conscious, and their body decays, and their spirit returns to God, but there is no consciousness IN THE SPIRIT. It is the spirit that gives LIFE TO THE BODY, and so without a living body, there is no consciousness. Jesus will save them by bringing them back to life through RESURRECTION. The righteous believers will be resurrected with glorified spiritual bodies, and the wicked unbelievers with physical bodies to face Judgment. It is in Judgment that the wicked will be ultimately saved.
       I know that God cleanses everyone when every knee bows and confesses that Christ is Lord unto the Glory Farther and he in his rightousness from what I have gathered from what you have tought that in the lake of fire they will be cleansed from their sins but please do not forget the ones that take the mark of the beast or the ones that fight in the battle of gog and magog it says that both the ones that take the mark and the ones that fight in that battle they will have on rest neither night or day forever and ever ,now if you may notice God did not say just forever and ever his said night and day whitch is forever and ever just as the seasons are forever and ever as the the earth is forever. so if you would please clarife what happiens to thoughs people that do those things it would be much apprecaited forgive me for my spelling .
    COMMENT:  I already have in my comment above.  Also be informed that there is not such thing as "forever AND EVER."  That is translating nonsense. There is no Greek Manuscript of the New Testament Scripture anywhere on earth that makes such a statement. Read my paper "Is EVERLASTING Scriptural" found on our home page. OR, come to our Mobile Bible Conference the first weekend of November and learn how such unscriptural nonsense ever found its way into many (not all) of our modern language Bibles, along with a couple of dozen other unscriptural additions to the Bible.  Do we think that God warns against "adding to His Word" IN VAIN?  Do we think that God warns of things that He already knew would NEVER EVER HAPPEN?  Has God's warnings against being wicked and evil brought about a perfectly righteous world?  I speak as a fool.
    God be with you,

    Love you Brother Smith
    Sincerely Yours   
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