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Author Topic: Jesus Nature?  (Read 7229 times)

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Re: Jesus Nature?
« Reply #40 on: October 03, 2007, 10:38:32 PM »

I can not believe it the way you guys do. I believe God is just and righteous.I have heard nothing in any of your post to convince me otherwise,but I am open to hear your thoughts

I think we can leave it at that and agree to disagree.  You know how most on the forum believe about this and if you don't that is no problem, but to continue at this point will only lead to debate and that is not what the forum is for/about.  Kat made the suggestion that you email Ray if you have further questions about this and I agree. 



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Re: Jesus Nature?
« Reply #41 on: October 06, 2007, 01:58:38 PM »

I have a question concerning the nature of Jesus. I was taught that Jesus was fully God and man all at the same time. My understanding of this was Jesus was born after the same manner as Adam,that is is to say without the fallen nature. Someone told me that when I put it like this I am saying that Jesus had an unfair advantage over us. Is it your understanding that Jesus was born with our sin nature activated so to speak? I don't think this is true. What do you think?

   i have tried to read and follow this thread, it is difficult.

  so i gotta ramble on it.....What is my sin nature?

Since i have one, i tried to figure out how i can..............simply stop doing bad things......ya know.i am "smart enough" to know that doing "this" is unhealthy, and being tempted by "that".... i know all the verses. but i still *&%#*** do it.

 it is because i am human...i am doomed to this fate, need i trust god MORE, or do something inorder to merrit this GRACE of freedom form the sin act?

 cirtanly i DESIRE to not sin.......that is also natural as the desire for "this and that"     

Incert your favorite theology here, add rationalzations and justifications and accept some understading for the time being that shuts you up.......

dont do it ................dont do it...........common you wanna do need to do it............i jsut did it...................crap...........

incert your favorite theology , add re-fabricated rationalizations and jsutifications and accept some understanding for the time being that shuts you up........ Repeat.

dang not yet free of the sin nature.  And my attempts to over come it with knowledge are also failing. my action is different than my wisdom what can i do?

is there something to learn about our sin  nature?  some times we have "victory" sometimes we dont.....we can see that we can make improvements. when we are successfull, what did we do? We trusted god, we did not act, we became not interested . 

It is of no use trying to blame ourselves for sin, or to blame god. i am of the oppinon we are learning to watch God instead of watching what we see.

when our sight is on Our Lord, our steps are ordered, sometimes we learn lessons while we sin and some times the lesson is to realise the urge to sin has no real power over us............we must yeild. He does not teach us this in order to make us guilty because we are flawed, but to teach us to over come , to use that natural desire to attain self control to gain it in all areas.......anger, greed, adultery, drugs.......what ever "it" is that keeps you from dwelling in the Lord.

what is the nature of Jesus?

one who was able to not do......he acted correctly and spoke correctly in time, with gods words.   He was temped in all way liek we are tempted, he really wanted that beer too........but he was able to chsoe what was in his better interest.  He could act on the wisdom. And he Died to show us.

well i yakked too long.


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Re: Jesus Nature?
« Reply #42 on: October 06, 2007, 02:40:44 PM »

I wish I could comment insane but I've been instructed to let it go.So maybe I can Pm you.
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