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Author Topic: Questions  (Read 5704 times)

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« on: October 04, 2007, 08:09:45 AM »

Dear Hans:  I will make a few COMMENTS in your email................

        Hi Ray,
        Your site is becoming an obsession to me! I have learned so much from you. When I was just a listener to those whom I at that time accepted as my Spiritual teachers of the word, I gobbled up all they said. It is when I began to discover that the things they preach about... giving and tithing etc etc, without experiencing a manifestation that my search for the truth began. Asking questions before like.. "If I was a father and able to bale my naughty son out of his problems, would I do so? Yes ofcourse I would. I am a son of God and expect from the teachings I have had, for my father to come to my rescue... am I wrong? I mean... life abundant... multiplied and pressed together... Deuteronomy robbing God... bring all into the store house etc etc.. the guilt trips were plenty.
        Now my world is in a turmoil... I do not go to church, as I find myself continuously coming to your site and with its help pulling yet another sacred cow to the ground.
        These "spiritual teachers" I am sure mean well, but they surely have lead me up the garden path.
        I was a catholic, and married a beautiful little girl in my youth. The church said No sex.. or make babies..thats the blatant truth. I retired there and than from catholicism.
        I roamed the world in a christian state of limbo. No faith no God and no worries. I got divorced and remarried. My second wife (now late) was a Christian (petecostal) and belonged to a "Give and get wealthy Pentacoastal denomination." I liked what I heard and when I was still cash flush even gave the pastor of this church a Mercedes Benz CE280. A collectors item as they made only limited numbers. If expressed in $ it would at that time have been worth a professional accountants annual salary. I had another vehicle, and this was but my Sunday vehicle. I do not regret giving it. He is a fellow human and was in need. God bless him.
        What worries me is the reason for which I gave this to him at the time, I believed that because of what i had done that in any event if I needed it My God would give a hundred in place of this one... etc etc... I am sure you know better than I do what they preach.
        Now came the time for me to wonder why these guys do not take from their own wealth and give say $1 million, and... if they believe what they preach... abra cadabra and
        Wallah!!! His God would have multiplied this a hundred fold... why than is he begging for money on TBN.
        I began to question these teachings in my own mind and search for the real truth (that is when I found your site) I was now DEMANDING a manifestation of this wealth and healing etc (I have been a cripple all my life as a result from an accident during the 39 45 world war) from the God they were telling me about... but no manifestations, and ask those who teach and they have no answer except the same old cliche, no matter whom one asks... these guys have but one answer... Gods time is not our time... or to God 1 day is like a thousand years etc etc. Just keep giving and it will come to pass.
        Now I have some questions please
        1. I have great difficulty praying What can I do? I watch lots of Christian TV... the more i study on your site, the more I find these guys a bunch of liars and takes.
        COMMENT:  There is nothing I can tell you that will make you have a greater desire to pray. You will pray when God puts it in your heart to pray.
        2. Have never been an avid reader and have difficulty in reading the bible.  I get little or nothing from doin this.
        COMMENT:  Same answer as above.
        3. People talk about... God spoke to me, or i have a word from god for you, or... a small still voice... or dreams and visions...non of this is a reality to me... how do I experience my God talking and leading me?
        COMMENT:  Much of Christendom is based on emotionalism, paganism, and superstition.  I believe that God inspires my mind to understand many things that I continually pray about. I hear no voice, I receive no visions, or dreams (not that visions or dreams are bad or that God does not use them. I am merely speaking for myself).  God is speaking to your through His word, if and when you BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND IT AND HAVE A DEEP DESIRE TO OBEY IT.
        God be with you,

        If I have to I'll start all over again. However, my search is not for emotional goose bumps type experiences... I want to truly experience my creator... my redeemer, my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I want to experience in this life (now 70) the benefits of the blood spilt for me.
        At this stage through some unscrupulous individual I stare poverty in the face. I am aware of the fact that only god can change this. however... I accept that if this is how
        my life was predestined to end not all the prayers in the world will change this. The fact is that if I can not change this circumstance I will become a beggar for food.
        My faith is saying to me... this will be diverted... what ever, i praise my Lord and Saviour for such as i still have.
        Sorry about the long winded email... but thos eto whom I used to speak have become other Christians and i no longer feel mentally free to speak with them.
        I love you with the Love of God, and thank you for your site.
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