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Author Topic: Worship?  (Read 3712 times)

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« on: October 04, 2007, 08:10:46 AM »

Thank you very much Ray for taking time out to answer my email about King David’s Last Thoughts.   Sorry it was so lengthy…I apologise for that.    I appreciated greatly the quick response you sent to me.


I have been thoroughly amazed at the amount of learning I have gained from your articles - and now, even more, from some transcribed tapes I discovered on the Forum Website.

I have just read your excellent May 2007 Bible Study on Worship in Spirit and Truth and wish to ask one question.     Here is a snip from it (about half way through)

One definition given of worship by Dr. Strong in the Hebrew is ‘obeisance’ and it comes from the prefix ‘obeir’ which means to obey.  That’s pretty easy.  So worship is obeisance and the prefix obeir means to obey.  Now we are getting down to what real worship is - OBEY.  It’s not the only definition; obedience is not the only definition of worship.  But here’s the point, if there is no obedience, then there is no worship!  All the other stuff is just nonsense, ok.

In other articles you amplify the spiritual aspects of those commandments given at Mount Sinai – e.g.  “do not murder” for us now includes not even harbouring feelings of hatred (that might lead to the physical action).    How then do we apply that same principle in regard to the Sabbath command, so that we obey and worship not in vain?   

You may have already covered this in an article, which, as yet, I have not come across.  If so, could you advise me please?


Dear Colin:  Short question?  Maybe. LONNNNNNNG answer. I'll give you a few short questions: Explain Revelation? Explain Salvation?  Explain Matt. 24?  What did Paul mean when he said "the law is SPIRITUAL" (Rom. 7:14)?  Short questions --extremely long and involved answers. Romans 7 is the key to your question, but this is not something I can answer in an email in less than 3 or 4 days.  Maybe I will do a Bible Study and paper on it. It's a huge subject even if one just hits the high spots. Hope you understand.
God be with you,
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