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Author Topic: Why is Jesus called "the ONLY-begotten Son of God?  (Read 5793 times)

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Re: Why is Jesus called "the ONLY-begotten Son of God?
« Reply #20 on: August 28, 2014, 09:44:03 AM »

O.K we are not doing this again, two threads were locked because of this discussion path and I'm not going to have you resurrect a 7 year old thread to restart it.  If you do not drop this you will not be posting again.  I am not saying you are right or wrong, I might think you are right or I might think you are wrong but it does not matter.

I watched 2 threads disentegrate into confusion, I posted earlier hoping that cooler minds would realize we have no answers to some things and this argument has been going on since Christ was resurrected; whole books have been written and scholars have debated for centuries. But those cooler minds were on vacation, pride and vanity took over and the debate games began under the auspice of greater knowledge and holiness; like greater knowledge some how makes us more Godly. I quietly watched as we made fools of ourselves trying to argue and debate a subject that our puny human minds cannot begin to fathom.  Scripture was taken out of context and we argued both round pegs in square holes as well as being in total agreement and arguing anyway.

I have been quiet here for some time, but I am a moderator and like Dave alluded to I am here to moderate.  I will stay in this job until Dennis asks me not to.  We were brought here because of the teaching of Christ, and what Ray discovered in his studies.  There are new members that come here for that and leave more confused.  If you want to continue to grow and seek out new revelations do it on your own time, I do. I realize for the old timers that the fruit has become ripe and we are tired of the taste but the new ones are not, so your job is to serve these people and to help them by staying in the confines of the teaching that the forum represents.  Answers of "I think", "I see it this way", etc, etc. is not good and leads to confusion and debate.  If you grow weary of the forum and the fact that no new teachings will be forthcoming from Ray, then step back and let Christ work in you for awhile.  If you get some wonderful revelation then by all means start your own website. 
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