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Author Topic: Persecution  (Read 5298 times)

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« on: October 28, 2007, 02:06:54 PM »

Hello Brother Ray:
       In your Lake of Fire series, (#3), you state that---
 I can tell you on the authority of Jesus Christ, God's Word, and the Apostle Paul, that unless you are SUFFERING real PERSECUTION, you are NOT a follower of Jesus Christ nor are you living godly in Christ Jesus!
       My question to you is-?
       Does the affliction of persecution that the Scriptures speak of only come from the outwardly conduit of worldly man, or can said persecution be also from with-in ourselves, ie;  what we all have to go through mentally in order to do our Fathers Will.  I guess, if you will, a type of God inflicted, mental adjustment or better yet, a spiritual awakening to do the will of God. 
        Does persecution HAVE to be ONLY from the outside as opposed from within?
                                       Thank-you Ray
                                        God Bless YOU...
                                                                       Best Regards;
Dear Mark:
No, as used in the Scriptures, persecution always comes from without from others,
not from within. Here is just one of many such examples:  "If THEY have persecuted Me, THEY will also persecute you..."  (John 15:20).
God be with you,
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