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Author Topic: Hello Ray  (Read 5109 times)

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Hello Ray
« on: December 12, 2007, 06:09:46 PM »

Dear Timothy:  I will make a few your email:

    I never cease to be amazed at how much you do yammer on.....
    Yet, still one must appreciate your diligence....
    I'm afraid that my theological/spiritual vocation is no longer rooted (exclusively) in whether or not something is "scriptural"... Scriptures (in my opinion) have been so corrupted by men and their counsels over the ages that precious little of God's spirit remains....
    COMMENT:  And what historical "proof" do you have for that statement?
    For the sake of my own sanity, I have one doctrine and one only. Love one another as God  loves us. With this, I have a lifetime's work cut out for me without straining at gnats or swallowing camels......
    COMMENT:  The Greek manuscripts are accurate and correct on this verse. It should read "straining OUT a gnat and swallowing a camel."
    Your treatise on "free will" is certainly not lacking in it's audience appeal... especially for the Bill Buckleys and Malcolm Muggerages of the world.... So, I am sure you have lots of pro and con exchanges to occupy you..... I'm sure you revel in the battles they cause. It must be fun to some degree or why else would you do it...?
    COMMENT:  May.............just maybe, I really am a sincere teacher, which requires pointing error before truth can come in.
    If given to speaking frankly, I'll just say that these topics while they are certainly fascinating to many, (my Dad always tried to lure me into deep discussions on the subject of "angel governments") But this stuff surely doesn't affect my daily spiritual reconstruction. (That's the most polite and respectful way of simply saying that they really don't "jack" to me anymore).......
    COMMENT:  You'll excuse me if I do not jump to embrace your foolishness as wisdom.  Whether one perceives to have a "free will" which can then literally THWART the very will of God Almighty, or perceives the truth that he does not possess any such physiological impossibility, has EVERYTHING to do with a man spiritual life or lack thereof!
    What does mean much is whether I am (in the depths of my being) becoming more and more Christlike, caring, considerate, loving and charitable today...or am I not.... These things are drawing me closer... and not necessarily whether there is or is not a "free will".....
    COMMENT:  So you have mastered the ability to know, understand, and imitate Jesus Christ WITHOUT basic knowledge of what man really is and why he is NOT like Jesus in the first place?
    I'll leave all that to you scholars.... If there really are any.
    COMMENT:  I have never ever claimed to be a Scholar, but I have denied it on dozens of occasions.
    I am so completely burned out, used up and spit out by the church that I really don't give a damn about any of it anymore..... I believe in the Love, wisdom and creativity of God and in the saving grace found in the character and nature of Jesus (as I know Him)......
    COMMENT:  Well that's a good start.
    You intellectuals fight it out amongst yourselves, cuz, baby.... I am done...
    COMMENT:  Not only am I not a "scholar," but I am also not an "intellectual."
    God be with you,

    But I do agree that the idea of a loving and omniscient God creating human beings only to pitch them into Hell is a dipshit idea..... laughable in fact.
    I truly do wish you well..... God bless and keep you.
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