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Author Topic: Scared to death  (Read 2240 times)

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Scared to death
« on: December 21, 2007, 06:42:15 PM »

Dear Daniel:  You obviously have not read anything carefully on my site, as your assumptions are all false. I will make a few comments in your email.....

    Dear Ray,
    After reading your article I'm scared to death for my soul.
    COMMENT:  You soul is your sentient consciousness. When you die, there IS NO SOUL. Only your spirit (which is not conscious and has no consciousness without a body) returns to God. It is this UN conscious spirit that will be placed once more into a NEW body at resurrection which will then give you life and consciousness once again.
     I believe
    > in Jesus Christ who is the Son of God who can purify my sins.
    COMMENT:  Sins can be committed, repented of, forgiven, and taken away, but sins CANNOT BE PURIFIED.
    > I've been having suicidal thoughts and I've engaged in self-injury. I
    > feel ashamed of it and I've stopped. So according to your belief some
    > people are destined for hell and some heaven.
    COMMENT:  I have never ever suggested such nonsense. I have never made one statement in my life about anyone every "going to heaven."  And as the the Christian eternal hell of torture in literal fire--THERE IS NO SUCH PLACE. You need to read my series on "HELL."
     So is that saying once
    > saved always saved not true.
    COMMENT:  No one has ever been saved. No one is saved until he is resurrected to immortality, and no person save Jesus has ever been as yet resurrected with a spiritual body to immortality.  Read the very first paper on our home page:  "YOU FOOLS! YOU HYPOCRITES! YOU SNAKES" for the truth on this teaching.
     I hope I'm a child of God. But my eyes
    > are open and we live in a suffering world. God likes us to suffer for
    > Him right?
    COMMENT:  No, we do not suffer for God's benefit but for ours. God is perfecting US through suffering: He is surely not perfecting Himself through our suffering.
     Whoever loses his life for Me will gain it. Thats in the
    > bible. Anyway I have lots of questions to ask you. I fear that God
    > leaves suicidal people although I've never told Him to. Only through
    > Jesus do we as humans come to the Father. I am religious and I thank
    > God for mostly everything I eat or drink. I hope God can forgive my
    > self injury.
    COMMENT:  God forgives ALL SIN, but you need to repent of your sins nd forgive others their sins, or God will not forgive yours.
     I've asked Him to and according to the bible He is
    > faithful and just to forgive me. I know the devil is attacking me
    > furiously because ever since I've started reading the bible a lot I've
    > gotten suicidal and depressed. But the depression doesn't come from
    > God, right?
    COMMENT:  Satan is an instrument of God for good.  Your present evil experiences in life will be for your benefit one day. God works differently with all of us, and that is one main reason that none of us can figure out in advance exactly what will befall us in our journey.

    > I have a lot of questions to ask of you. Since I am suicidal I have
    > been reading about life after death experiences.
    COMMENT:  There ARE NO LIFE AFTER DEATH EXPERIENCES.  Once a person is dead, he is dead and has NO EXPERIENCES. His very thoughts PERISH (Psalm 146:4 & Ecc. 9:5)
     I wish these thoughts
    > would leave me alone. I kinda believe that there is free will
    COMMENT:  Then you need to read and reread my four-part series on "The Myth of Free Will Exposed" until you understand the true teaching on this unscriptural heresy.
    and at  the same time God is in control because whatever the person decides to
    > do God will use it for good whether it be evil or good. Is it just
    > that God lets some people die as martyrs.
    COMMENT:  If you commit suicide, you will not be dying as a "martyr."
     Then again we all deserve
    > hell
    COMMENT:  That is superstitious nonsense. NO ONE "deserves" an eternity of torture in fire without any hope ever. You have got to get such Satanic nonsense out of your head if you are to make progress out of your present mental dilemma.
     so I guess its just. But why did God create Lucifer
    COMMENT:  There IS NO LUCIFER.  Read my Installment in my "Lake of Fire" series entitled, "The Lucifer HOAX."  You need to learn the truths of God's word. You head is just filled with the unscriptural nonsense of Christendom. We will be praying for you, Daniel. You need to read and study thoroughly the material on our site. I will not be able to read and answer such lengthy emails as this in the future, as I receive just too many. Hope you understand.
    God be with you,

     knowing He
    > would be evil and cause His creations to fall. I pray to God every
    > night. God bless
    > Sincerly,
    > Daniel
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