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Author Topic: I'm enjoying this place so much !  (Read 2068 times)

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I'm enjoying this place so much !
« on: December 31, 2007, 12:58:44 AM »

I feel a little intellectually inferior here, as I read I'm finding that most everything I read is very foreign to me as far as some of the topics. That's ok because I understand that many of you spend a great deal of time pursuing what you believe to be true. I'm blown away by the fact that most Christians do not bother with something that is so valuable. As one of my friends was telling me of a girl that had killed herself, he says "too bad she'll never know heaven". This, coming from a youth leader, made me react. I flat out told him that he should keep his heresy to himself. He told me he was going to look up the scripture to prove his point. I wonder how long I'll have to wait. ;)


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Re: I'm enjoying this place so much !
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2007, 01:47:50 AM »

Hi there offthechimneyl
Welcome, and so glad that you have come to share and be a part of us here.  God led you here, so do not feel so bad about not knowing everything...  None of us know it all here; it;'s a growing process, so just  keep reading and doing what your'e doing and you will find yourself even further by this time next year.  You go my friend...good job in telling satan to get behind you w/ his lies about the girl going to hell!!!  Yes, I agree, I think that you might have to wait for a bit for that youth pastor to get back with you...he should have had that scripture on the tip of his tongue too;not making youhave to wait to hear the 'truth' ??? :-X :-\!  Thankfully, our GOD is a lovig God compared to thier false god; (WHICH is exactly why I cannot go into those places anymore with a good conscience.)  God has not opened his eyes at this point; maybe later? ??? :)
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