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Author Topic: Wow!  (Read 2137 times)

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« on: May 01, 2006, 10:18:00 AM »

What else can i say but WoW!!! I,ve surly faced many trials the past few
years, that have sent me reeling for God's Love and Mercy, unfortunately it can be very difficult to find God's truth in the tangled web of lie's and
deciet spun around the world, in my search for His truth, God spent the
initial part showing me to some degree the non-sense circulated around the world concerning our Awsome Creator, i have for God's purpose im sure avoided most connection with organized religion as even since childhood i could never understand the inconsistency in the doctrine they teach!!!

Only after some considerable time reviewing much of that non-sense via the internet did I finally Pray to our Lord and and ask him, why it is, that
when i come looking for him he would guide me to such vile non-sense, and the Lord spoke his Word in my heart and he said: my child with your own words you answerd the question, It is I the Lord who Guide's you on your journey, you search the world looking for me and and I AM right here with you, guiding the WAY!!! HAHAHA!!! Thats to funny!!! and again the Lord spoke his word to my heart he said: I the Lord created all things in heaven and in the earth, i created Humor, Who is funnier then I AM!!!

So far i,ve only read You Fools! you Hypocrites! You Snakes! and the first 2 installments of The Lake of Fire series, personally i enjoyed the sarcasm, i think our Father has finally decicided that maybe im ready for some Truth!!!

And i also think that He's chosen you to be the vehicle through which he
reveals it, so id like to Thank You for your insight's, and say WOW!!! Great

Sincearly, Michael!!!
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