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Author Topic: Free Will  (Read 5195 times)

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Free Will
« on: May 03, 2006, 09:36:56 AM »

Hello. My name is Chris. Hope you'll read and maybe respond-it may be interesting to you. Know you're busy though.
First off, I stumbled on the site just a day ago, and found it very interesting and relieving. You're essays/scriptural quotes on "hell"(as 'christendom' refers to it) , tithing, and the differnce between Satan and Lucifer were intersting.(I too have long had trouble believing in a hell God would freely allow people to go to for not believing in Him, and now i know why-it is simply NOT God's plan to do so-how beautiful and ultimately loving that JESUS has saved all of mankind, as the scriptures plainly state.)
My one disagreement with you, however, is your 'theory' on free will. While the scriptures you quoted clearly state that God knows all before it occurs, before each choice of humanity is made, that still does not preclude our free will.
I think it's all in how you define the word/phrase "free will"-in my definition, it simply means that people are constantly allowed to choose as they please , right or wrong, certain tastes and behaviors, ect. Surely we can NOT do anything we want (we cant fly from our own free will, for example), but from the myriad of choices we can make, we do, ultimately, make the final choices.
To make a long opinion short, that GOD knows what we will choose long before we choose it, does NOT preclude us having free will-it simply means God is omniscient, and well aware of what will come to pass long before the choice even enters our mind. It's not too difficult to comprehend-God knows what we'll do long before we do it, knows the path we'll go down long before we take it, knows it LONG before we ourselves do, but we still make the decision. God is just aware of what the choice will be before we make it.But we make it.
And, how can you doubt that the actions/inactions of people put certain variables in motion? It happens all the time. That GOD's plan is ultimated and the one that all-inclusively comes to pass does not change our free will and the effects it has on us all.
Thanks for your time. God be with you, and us all.

Dear Chris;
There is a lot going on in your mind that you do not understand. I get letters just like yours all the time.
[1] You do not understand the difference between "choice" and "free choice."
[2] You do not understand the difference between "will" and "free will."
[3] You do not understand what it means for God to be Sovereign.
[4] You don't object to God KNOWING all things in advance, but you do object to God being in CONTROL of all things in advance.
Therefore, it is impossible for you to see the truth of this subject.
You state: "While the scriptures you quoted clearly state that God knows all before it occurs, before each choice of humanity is made, that still does not preclude our free will."
First of all, it is NOT "my theory" as you suggest. I got this truth from the Scriptures.
But your statement above leaves out something else that I did  over and over in the Scriptures. I not only showed where God "knew" what would happen in advance, but I showed from the Scriptures where God both propphesies and CAUSED people to do what was necessary to bring about God's desired future. Remember that whole long section on the King of Assyria, for example?
Furthermore, God's foreknowledge does prevent us from having free will. If God KNOWS that we WILL take course A in our life, we certainly are NOT FREE to take course B. No one is "free" to do something that is not open unto him to choose.  Yes, it is quite simple, but not many can understand and accept the Scriptural teaching on this subject. Meditate on it for a few thousand hours in light of all the Scriptures as I have, and maybe God will open it up to your understanding. But only if God has ALREADY DETERMINED that He will open it up to you..
God be with you,
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