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Author Topic: Faith?  (Read 2348 times)

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« on: January 24, 2008, 09:03:16 PM »

Ray... I know you are busy preparing for September, but I have a question that I can ask only you.  Been reading our papers for some time now. Do not attend my local (Lutheran) Church anymore. I have asked the Lord for wisdom in understanding his word. I asked for courage and strength in accepting HIS will over mine. I think putting your Faith in God is the wisdom to ask for His will and accept His Will over mine no matter what. I am certain that I do not have the courage to do that, that is why I ask him daily for wisdom, strength and courage. Since I have broken away from the church I have experienced the worst  physical and financial conditions of my life. Not blaming it on anything but circumstances. I am absolutely sure that putting my physical and mental health in the hands of Jesus IS the right thing to do, but is it right to just dump all your worries including financial woes in his lap? Does he help in those matters? Should I just as k him to take care of my health and finances, then just relax and accept what ever he dishes out? Does Christ interfere with financial matters? I think asking God to let his will be done and accepting it  no matter what is the ultimate trust, however I just do not know if he works in the financial parts of our lives.

Dear Tommy:  God has outlined HUNDREDS of things for us to THINK, NOT THINK,  SAY, NOT SAY, DO, and NOT DO. Paul says if a man won't work (when he is able), then NEITHER SHOULD HE EAT.  But why not just ask God, and then trust God in faith to provide the money to buy the food so that he can eat, while doing nothing in the interim?  We should ask God for his help in every and all areas of our life, but we are also to obey all of the rules and regulations of every and all areas of our life.  Even after we do all that we can do, we still will not be blessed unless God blesses us.  After we have done all we can and all we know, it still takes miracles to get us through the tough and rough times. I don't sit in some ivory tower while God just blesses my inactivity. And I know that you are not inactive, but you need to read the proverbs and follow the proverbs and ask God for help in every area of your obedience as well. Hope t his helps your understanding a little better.
God be with you,
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