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Author Topic: Damnation  (Read 4396 times)

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« on: January 24, 2008, 09:03:52 PM »

Ray -
I couldn't help noticing that in the few minutes I spent at your website, you made more than one reference to the orthodox doctrine of Hell as "a damnable heresy". I'm sure I'm not the first person to note your choice of adjective, and wonder if you cannot quite shake loose of the suspicion that damnation might be possible after all. If so, how merciful God is.

Instead of interpreting passages distasteful to you in order to reach conclusions that no one would come to without you at their elbow (Your eisegesis of Lk.16 is reminiscent of the sort of contrived silliness we used to hear from an older generation of Adventists), why not allow the word of God an uninterrupted hearing? The fact that you are distressed by Jesus' words about the fate of the unrepentant (as any sane man would be), does not give you license to contradict Him to His face. Those who do must one day give account for such recklessness.

You may wonder why the Lord found it necessary to r eveal this horrible reality at all, given that redemption and regeneration unto eternal life is not something you can scare into a sinner. We understand that no man ever learned to love God by means of shear terror. However, Rom.10:17 tells us that faith cometh by hearing, and given that the carnal mind is enmity against God, what but self-interest will ever cause him to listen? The kingdom of God may be nothing but a fairytale to the unregenerate man ( Jn.3:3, I Cor.2:14), but he understands self-preservation, and it is on this basis that men like Edwards and Whitefield sought to gain their hearers attention, as right-minded preachers (though woefully few remain) continue to do today. I understand that Hell revolts you, Ray. God meant it to, because your sin and mine really is so weighty tha t Christ's unavoidably earth-bound illustration of fire and worms and gnashing of teeth can only in the vaguest manner begin begin to communicate how terrible a thing it is to be God's unrecon ciled enemy.
- Paul

Dear Paul:  What a crock. I mean WHAT A CROCK!  Do you ever actually think about what you say or read what you say or meditate on what you say? You boldly state: "...redemption and regeneration unto eternal life is not something you can scare into a sinner. We understand that no man ever learned to love God by means of shear terror."  I heard preachers time after time state on TBN that the reason they became Christians was because THEY WERE AFRAID OF GOING TO HELL!  It is the Christian CHURCH, not God, that gives humanity this choice:  "LOVE GOD OR BE TORTURED IN LITERAL FIRE FOR ALL ETERNITY."  Wow......nice choice. Are you CRAZY?  Do you really believe the Scriptures offer humanity two choices:  LOVE GOD, or
BE TORTURED ETERNALLY IN FIRE?  Just maybe, Paul, you need to read the material in my "Lake of Fire" series. Yours is both a damnable doctrine, and worse: it is BLASPHEMY against the Holy Spirit of God.

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