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Author Topic: Belief?  (Read 3811 times)

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« on: January 27, 2008, 09:25:37 AM »

        hi Ray,
        im Tan from singapore, i happened to come across your website. your teachings spoke alot to my heart and mind.
        i received Jesus for salvation but for a past 9 years i refused to attend a church. when someone approached me to go for it, the question i asked was : " how can a loving God send people to hell to get tortured just because they did not believe in Him ?"
        for many years i had a hard time trying to accept a torturing hell for unbelievers.
        after i read about your teachings on judegement, hell and lake of fire, it was very consoling that God is really Love and he will ultimately saves all. this is really a good news! a real good news even better than the traditional belief of salvation only for believers.
        although i do very much want to believe in this, it was difficult to be accepted by modern Christianity, and to tell the truth, i have doubts and fears to accept such "unusual" teachings which is so much different from the common doctrines today.
        i understand the pain you feel when others call you a cultist and heretic, it was like what the Protestants faced when trying to break away from Catholicism. i believe there were much misunderstandings when most of them didnt bother to understand your concept of lake of fire.
        is the spiritual torment a person faced in the purging of lake of fire fearsome? if the purging is an easy one, wouldnt it be unfair that a mass-murderer/rapist can eventually get saved even though what he did on earth was much deserved to get tortured by hell? is there an increment in the torment of the purging proportionate to the amount of evil a person committed when he was alive?
        like i've said - as much as i want to believe in your teachings are correct, they seem too unusual to be accepted easily. while you mentioned that the traditional hell concept are false, their believers are calling your teachings as false.  so how can i trust that your teachings are correct? your teachings actually affects the urgency of evangelizing to non-believers, what if your teachings are inaccurate (im assuming), wouldnt that affect salvation works (which needs to be done quickly) ?
        how many of the people around you actually agree with your teachings?
        please respond, thanks.

        Dear LKS: Your questions are simple enough, however, the answers are not simple. How did anyone hearing Jesus speak "...TRUST that his teachings were correct?"  Only God's spirit can convict you of the truths I teach or the Scriptures teach.  You can read my material and then compare it to the Scriptures. If God opens your mind, you will see the truth. If you think I contradict God's Word, quote me and cite two Scriptures that prove my statement wrong, and I will change it.  Your question is just as difficult as the last email I answered in which a man wanted to know how to be obedient to God and reap His blessings. A simple question, but the answer alludes the entire world.  I would just encourage you to pray and obey and read the material on our site with an open mind and an open Bible.

        God be with you,

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