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Author Topic: Spirit  (Read 6836 times)

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« on: May 04, 2006, 04:49:55 PM »


I understand my physical body and soul surely dies and I also believe my spirit will go back to God. My question is this: In spirit will I know "myself". I guess I do not understand my relation to my thoughts and the function of my spirit when I pass away. Have any thoughts on this?


Dear Ralph: Don't make up phrases such as you have: "In spirit will I know myself?"  There is no such thing as "being in your spirit."  As a "being" you need a body. When your body dies, your "being" dies, your soul is gone (to the unseen, imperceptible--there is NO perception in death: not in your body, not in your soul, and not in your spirit). No one can live without a body. When our spirit is combined with a body, then and ONLY THEN do we have "soul" which is consciousness. At death no one has consciousness, or it wouldn't be death. I have covered this many times in many of my paper on my site.

God be with you,

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