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Author Topic: Contridictions  (Read 2270 times)

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« on: May 04, 2006, 04:59:20 PM »

Oh no, here's another one.

    Dear Ray,

    I am sorry to say, but you obviously take scripture entirely out of context. It is very easy to take a verse from the Bible and construe it to what you want it to say. For example, quoting you:

    These things do not continue to function at a different location during death: they PERISH in death (Psalm 146:4). I believe Psalm 146:4 that in death everyone's "thoughts perish." That is, no one who IS dead, HAS THOUGHTS! I believe that Scripture--do you? Or do you believe Satan's lie to Adam and Eve that man has an "immortal soul" that never dies?

Looking at the context of the verse, reading the entire chapter, that is, it is easy to see that perishing is in terms a physical perishment of the body and things of this earth. It is completely out of context to say that your soul dies also which you construe from this verse. A soul never dies which is evident throughout the entire word of God. PS: 1 Timothy 3:16)

Also you proceeded to take a sermon from Billy Graham way out of context. You just proceeded to say that by saying Billy Graham meant that one must come to know Christ alone without the help of God. Never did Billy Graham say that one comes to Christ without the works of God. But somewhere, you pulled this out of the blue. For example, by you saying that man does not have an immortal soul I could claim that you are implying that man has a soul that dies and there is nothing after death. That is exactly what you are doing with scripture and the words of others.

You also contradicted yourself by saying:
However, a word of warnin g: The one time that the Pharisees accused Jesus of doing something of the devil or the prince of demons, He warned them that if something really is of THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD and one says that that is really THE SPIRIT OF THE DEVIL, then they have committed a sin that will NOT be pardoned in this life (or age or world) or in the age to come. Such people WILL have to suffer the punishments of the lake of fire to be purified of such evil sins.

In regards to Billy Graham you claimed that his teachings and doctrine were not of God. If something is not of God, it has to be of the devil. So according to yourself you have committed a sin that will not be pardoned ever because God has used Billy Graham (obviously of the Holy Spirit) to save the souls of thousands of people by preaching the only thing necessary to get into heaven (Confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead and you will be saved).
 ****I am sorry ray, but apparaently you have no chance of getting into heaven now because you blasphemed a man saying that his teachings are of the devil. So I guess you should just stop being a Christian because you have no chance of getting into heaven because Jesus Christ only died
 for all sins except for saying something is of the devil when it is really the
 holy spirit and you did that.****<---------High Sarcasim. Sorry ray, but your teachings are false and you contradict yourself on numerous occasions.
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