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Author Topic: Please Help  (Read 5111 times)

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Please Help
« on: February 16, 2008, 07:52:30 PM »

my name is taylor and i am 14.  i have bad hormones and desires and I'm not sure weather they are sins or not.  i never feel like I'm going to heaven and i never felt forgiven.  i have committed so many bad sins i don't think god will forgive me.  please please answer cause i have no one else that will help.

Dear Taylor:  At age 14 all boys and girls have desires that are carnal, selfish, physical, sexual, vain, pleasurable, sometimes dangerous, and/or stupid. Welcome to the human race.
God knows who and what we are because God designed, invented and created the human race.
It is for our education and ultimate benefit that we go through all of the emotions that we do. It is not likely that you will even desire to stop many of the things you think and do in your teen years. It is all a learning experience. You may well rebel at the instructions of your parents at time, and then later discover that they were right, but it took you time and experience to learn these things.
Don't get discouraged, as it is something we all had to go through. And only when God supernaturally opens your heart and mind to a fuller understanding of your sins and wrongs, will you begin to really desire to change. You may not know what you are doing, but God does. God will forgive all sins, and that certainly includes any and all things bad that you ever have or ever will commit.  Ecc. 1:13 says in the Concordant Version that God has given an "experience of EVIL to the sons of humanity to HUMBLE him."  In time we are all humbled and we will all repent, and God will forgive all, and all with be given immortality in His Family and Kingdom.
God be with you,
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