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Author Topic: Help  (Read 1953 times)

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« on: May 04, 2006, 08:22:15 PM »

I need alittle help ray

I am struggling to understand God, Jesus, and The HOly spirits relationship.

From what i understand, please correct me if im wrong, i really need
guidance (Yes ive read your papers and still am struggling) God is the
FATHER, He created Everything and was with JESUS HIS SON from the begining,  He created it all THROUGH JESUS and FOR JESUS. Is this correct?

So Jesus in reality is God's invisible self? He is God made Flesh? He is
however seperate from the FATHER in the sense that He is not THE FATHER but THE SON? The Holy spirit is GOD THE FATHERS SPIRIT Through JESUS CHRIST TO US? So in essance it is the SPirit of God the Father and Jesus together?

Is this correct? I really need some help ray, and if you can tell me where i am wrong, and if any of this is right i would greatly apreciate your guidance.

If i am in total err, please correct me.

I have one last question if i may ask, and i know this is a long email and i
apoligize i just am struggling "every step of the way." Who is Saved IN THIS LIFETIME? Is it The Elect? Those who are called by God out of Babylon? Or are those saved, everyone? I know that no one goes to hell, i fully understand that, i struggle however to see who is saved, Are we all just saved? In a greater sense we are i think, were not all gonna burn in hell, but does being saved refered to the elect and those who the second death has not power over?

Thanks for any help ray, hopefully you can open up my eyes just alittle more on these issues.

God bless.

Brother in Christ,


Dear Alex:

I would love to spend a few hours explaining all your questions, however, I do not have the time.

My paper on the trinity answers the questions regarding Jesus, His Father, and their spirit. For the answer as to who is saved in this life, read my post at the very top of my home page: "YOU FOOLS; YOUR HYPOCRITES; YOU SNAKES"

God be with you,

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