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Author Topic: Down under  (Read 2261 times)

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Down under
« on: May 04, 2006, 08:24:16 PM »

Praise God the Father & our Lord Jesus Christ
    Such inexpressable joy we receive when God reveals His truth.
    I came across your website by accident, ye sure, when searching a certain topic. What joy to find another who has been lead to the same truths. It has been some years now that I have believed that 'free will' is a myth (from Yahweh Cascade & Tentmaker), longer in "universalism" (from Tentmaker) and even longer in One God the Father (from Biblical Unitarians). I marvel God's leading.
    Thanks be to the Father for you and your website.
    I live in Sydney Australia and have written to various asking if there is anyone here that I might be able to fellowship with who have been likewise blessed with hearing & seeing. Are you able to help with a contact? Would you consider moving to Sydney? ~ I wish.
    On another subject, regarding Judas, do you believe he hung himself, or did he hang his head in sorrow?
    I look forward to your reply, will not be offended if you don't, as all is of God & will be as it will be. I have downloaded all your articles of which I have only read a few, which have been enough for me to know we are on the same page with understanding. Love how you put some things, eg God being responsible for the malfunctioning of the experiment or machine.
    God bless you Ray, as He has,
    In the name of Jesus
    Regina from downunder
    Dear Regina:
    No, I am sorry, but I don't know of any study groups in Austrialia, although there are many from Australia who read my site and write to me. You can join our Discussion Forum at the bottom of our home page and ask to be contacted by others in Australia.
    I believe that Judas hung his head in sorrow, and then hung himself.
God be with you,
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