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Author Topic: Redeemed Out Of The Lake Of Fire  (Read 1633 times)

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Redeemed Out Of The Lake Of Fire
« on: February 18, 2008, 12:04:07 AM »

From the email section:

Hello Ray;
> I have much to say but I know you get a lot of emails so I'll keep it
> short. I'm working through the lake of fire series. (Up to 15) My
> question is (if you have answered it before can you send me a link?)
> what happens to those who will be redeemed out of the lake of fire??
> They were not of the few that were born again out of the church age. I
> take it that they will have nothing in the way of rewards like those who
> are saved during this time period. What role will these, (the many)
> have during eternity?? I know, I'm asking a huge question but I have
> not as yet seen it really addressed.

Dear Douglas:  No, I have not addressed this subject as yet, and when I do it will probably be as astonishing as my upcoming Conference on Genesis 1 and 2. It certainly is not a subject that I can even begin to cover in a one-on-one email. Hope you understand.

God be with you,


I've also been wondering about this, and I am looking forward to the answer.
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