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Author Topic: Coming Back?  (Read 6831 times)

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Coming Back?
« on: May 05, 2006, 01:07:49 PM »

I am new to searching for my spiritual beliefs. I agree with you that we will not spend eternity in torture. My question is - I think I under stand the definition of reincarnation now. Are you saying that our spirit will become a new being? Maybe more than once until we ascend to heaven to be with GOD. I read that, are spirit will no nothing. Does that mean after one new life to the next our spirit will not remember any of the thing that have happened to us.

To me if we don't retain anything it would be pointless.
I am not saying that is what you meant I'm just asking.
I think every spirit is on a journey and will eventually be with GOD in the end.

I think our lives here are so we can learn feel and experience good and evil. When we are ready to go to heaven is when we learn that evil is bad and don't want it anymore so we can live eternally in good in heaven.  Could you tell me your thoughts on this.
thanks, Aaron

Dear Aaron:
You are not paying attention to my writings. The consciousness is not in the body, and it is not in the spirit. The consciousness of man is in his soul, and his soul is resultant outcome of our spirit being united with a body. God breathed the breath and spirit of life into the man formed from the dust of the ground, and the man then BECAME a living soul. He BECAME conscious of his own being. At death we are no longer conscious of our being or our death. Our spirit must be reunited with a new body in resurrection before we will regain the soul and consciousness that we had before we died.
God be with you,
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