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Author Topic: Truth?  (Read 2513 times)

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« on: May 05, 2006, 10:41:59 PM »

Hello Brother Ray,
> Thanks for your site. It takes a lot of courage to
> speak the things you do.
> I've been reading your site and other sites for about
> a year or more now, weighing and reading different
> views about different scriptures and so on. I am
> coming to believe that what you and others say about
> the lake of fire is the truth.
> I guess I'm a little afraid of this at the same time.
> I started thinking, if you and I and others are wrong,
> we might deceive people unintentionally. I would never
> want to harm anybody and lead them astray.
> But then I thought to myself, If one who is suppose to
> be a Christian finds out there is no torment forever,
> and then uses this as license to sin, then maybe their
> heart wasn't in the right place to begin with.
> Then I started thinking, and asking myself, has the
> knowledge of the lake of fire ever deterred anyone
> into living righteously and to stay away from sin? I
> know many Christians who have fallen into sin and
> walked away from God. All of them believed in the
> torment forever.
> If someone is only living for God to stay out of this
> lake instead of because of who God is, this to me is a
> wrong motive to live for God.
> So I came to the conclusion that weather I no longer
> believe in the lake of torment forever or not , my
> belief will not change why a person is committing
> themselves to God or not. I can't hurt anyone by
> believing as you about this subject. At least I pray I
> never hurt anyone.
> I hope this makes sense to you. I don't articulate
> words as well as you.
> I have been reading through my Bible again to see if
> there are any scriptures anywhere that says a person
> cannot repent after death and judgment. I can't find
> any.
> Do you know of any scriptures that others use to teach
> that God will torment forever might use? Anything that
> says that there is no repentance after death?
> Thanks Ray
> Cindy

Dear Cindy:

No, Cindy, there are no Scriptures that contradict the Truths of the Bible. There are bible verses wrongly translated that contradict each other. These I try to point out in all of my writings so that people can check them for theirselves. The faith is not for all. God is calling only a few in this Church age.

God be with you,

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