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Author Topic: Out of Context  (Read 4982 times)

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Out of Context
« on: March 09, 2008, 11:39:57 AM »

Dear George:  I will make a few your email:

Mr. Smith,

    I have just read several of your articles and must say that they are thought provoking. Not that I agree with much of it, for most scripture references are taken out of context and you engage in isogesis prolifically.
    COMMENT:  Do you have even the slightest clue as to what you mean when you say that "most scripture references are taken out of context?"  I have heard people parrot, parrot, parrot, that slogan for many years now, and I am convinced that most of them have not a clue as to what it really means.  To most Christians who criticize my writings, anything that I quote from a Scripture is "out of context." it matter not what it is. I John 4:8 tells us that, "GOD IS LOVE."  Now no one has ever accused me of taking that phrase "God is love" out of context, but only because they do not want to look doubly stupid.  Are we to "Love God and Love Neighbor" ONLY IN CONTEXT?  The context is clear:  It is an OLD Testament quotation, under the LAW of Moses, to Israel only. Therefore to suggest that we ought to do this today is to "take that statement or command OUT OF CONTEXT."  And don't tell me I am being silly.  One day the whole Christian world is going to have to bitterly repent of worshiping this theological "god of context, context, context."  It is maybe the biggest "idol of the heart" taught in modern theological cemeteries (that a school of Scriptural studies where they bury the truth).
    This week someone accused me of lifting Isaiah 26:9 "out of context."  He said that only in the "context" of ancient Judah would God rescue Judah and then "...when God's Judgments are in the earth the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness."  Of course that never happened. Judah never became "righteous" in their land after that, so maybe.......just maybe..........this prophecy does have a future fulfillment when God's judgments REALLY ARE IN THE EARTH? What do think?  No, that would mean that God can bring about repentance and righteousness to mankind any times He wants to and we "context Christians" know that God has no such power, right?
    By the way, there is no such word as "isogeses."  Not even in my 2600 page Websters.

     That we disagree is not upsetting, but what is to me is the lack of compassion you demonstrate. We are to speak the truth in love, not venomously and that is how it comes across. You mock theologians yet you yourself have your own theology.
    COMMENT:  Oh really?  I lack compassion?  I am one of the few people on this God's earth who have devoted their life to telling the world that contrary to all orthodox Christian "god of context, context, context" theology, God really will have "compassion" and save all humanity. But you don't really believe that God has that kind of compassion, do you?  Do you think the orthodox theology of a god who will torture most of the human race in literal fire for all eternity is showing an act of "compassion?"  And you suggest that I lack compassion because I teach that ALL OF MY ENEMIES will be saved?
     We all do whether we admit it or not. Take the trinity. By definition, you are polytheistic. If the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not One then you worship 3 deities and that violates the first commandment. That's an issue for me to work out, but one for you to consider.
    COMMENT:  Oh but I have alrady considered it at length. The Holy Spirit is decidedly not "a person."  As for Jesus and His Father: "I and my Father ARE ONE" (John 10:30).  Oops, there I go, lifting those verses right out of the "context."
    Soon I shall be taking seminary classes and working toward a degree in theology,
    COMMENT:  I'm sorry to hear that. You mean at an accredited theological cemetery? I mean seminary?
    Masters, soon. I will turn 50 soon and have experienced plenty in life, so am no spring chicken and have plenty of differing teachings. I pray that you soften your stance when addressing others, like the late Dr. Kennedy, or about a group of people. They are just as fallible as anybody else. Above all, pray FOR them before you critique them so vociferously that it borders on condemnation.
    COMMENT:  Maybe you are over-reacting when you classify my writings and critiques as "condemnation of people."  I do not condemn people, what I do is, I expose the "damnable heresies" (II Pet. 2:1) of people like Dr. Kennedy, John Hagee, etc., etc., etc.  I have nothing against them personally.  But they do teach damnable and evil heresies that blaspheme the Name of God and make His Word of non-effect.  Jesus did this too, as our example, in case you had not noticed:

    [selections from Matthew 23]

        "But WOE unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES… FOR YOU SHUT UP THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN AGAINST MEN…

        …THEY BIND HEAVY BURDENS and GRIEVOUS to be born, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but will not move them with ONE OF THEIR FINGERS

        WOE unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES… you DEVOUR WIDOW’S HOUSES… you shall receive the greater damnation.

        WOE unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES…

        WOE unto you, ye BLIND GUIDES…

        You FOOLS AND BLIND…

        You FOOLS AND BLIND…

        WOE unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES! You… have omitted… JUDGMENT, MERCY, and FAITH…

        You BLIND GUIDES, which strain out a gnat, and SWALLOW A CAMEL.

        WOE unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES… within they are full of EXTORTION AND EXCESS.


        WOE unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES! You are FULL OF DEAD MEN’S BONES, and ALL UNCLEANESS… and HYPOCRISY and INIQUITY…

        WOE unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES!… you are the children of them which KILLED the prophets. FILL YOU UP then the measure of your fathers.

        You SERPENTS, you GENERATION OF SNAKES… you KILL AND CRUCIFY… you SCOURGE in your synagogues… Behold your house is left unto you DESOLATE"!!

    WOW! Every one of these comments from Matt. 23 were spoken directly to the "Religious Scholars and Theologians" in the Church of God centered at the Temple in Jerusalem. Would Jesus speak in the same manner to the Religious Scholars and Theologians in God’s Church today? Does Jesus "change"? NO. Has the Church changed in the past 2000 years? YES. It has gotten WORSE.

    If a minister took to task the evil teachings of the Church today as Jesus did, they would call for his blood just as they did with Jesus.  I have never met a Christian yet why has appreciated the above quotations from Matt. 23.  They really don't know how to deal with things that straight forward as our Lord spoke to the lying, two-faced, evil and murderous generation of snakes who were the leaders of God's Church in Jerusalem.  But I know that God will save them all, despite the fact that most Christians who write me curse and damn me to hell.

     That, truly, is how strongly it comes across.
    COMMENT:  Well that's one thing I am glad for if my teachings come across "strongly."
     I do not know how this fits in with your theology,
    COMMENT:  I pattern it as closely to the that of Jesus Christ (see above upbraiding by Jesus in Matt. 23) as I can.
     but most agree that we will give an account for every action and word spoken in His name on the Glorious Day of the second coming.
    COMMENT:  I'm ahead of you there, George. I give account to God for my words and actions every day of my life.
    God be with you,

    God bless,

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