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Author Topic: Evolution  (Read 4281 times)

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« on: March 11, 2008, 06:21:28 PM »


Just a short question. Do you support AIG, with Ken Ham (answers in genesis)?. Was just reading on the top of you web page, and it should be a bible conference.
But like you see i am from Norway, and it would be little bit far away, but do they teach about the same thing, like AIG.

God be with you


Dear Morten:  No, I surely do not support Ken Ham or his unscriptural projects. A recent visitor to his Creation Museum reported that there is a display of the Grand Canyon wall of strata with the bones of a dinosaur embedded in the strata. They have NEVER found a single bone of a dinosaur in the Grand Canyon strata. Dinosaur bones are found in strata beginning 1000 higher than the Grand Canyon rim in more recent strata of 65 million years ago. If if they believed that dinosaurs lived 4400 years ago, they have no justification making people think their bones are found in places that they have never been found.

We will make the Conference available on our site after the Conference, for all to see and hear.

God be with you,


PS  We do have one couple coming from Australia to this Conference.
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