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Author Topic: Canon of Scripture  (Read 5125 times)

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Canon of Scripture
« on: March 20, 2008, 09:31:09 PM »

Mr. Smith, if the Church had the authority to decide the canon of scripture and therefore the contents of the Bible would they not also have the authority to interpret the contents? (the Apocrypha was removed from the Catholic Bible to form the Protestant)  After all, the only reason there is a Bible is because the Church discerned which writings were inspired and put them together and called them "The Bible".  No Church, no Bible.  There was no Bible for the first few couple hundred years plus.  It was the Authority of the Church given by Christ and protected by the Holy Spirit that produced the Bible.  If you reject this authority and protection from error you must in turn reject the set of documents they have given us and create your own bible based on your interpretation of which texts are inspired.  In rejecting the authority of the Church, you must reject their version of the Bible and create your own.   ; 

    Dear Michael:  It would take me hours to explain the truth regarding all of your inane comments.  And what do you mean by "THE Church?" There are hundreds of Churches. The Church does NOT have the authority to decides which Scriptures are inspired. This was left up to the Apostles. "Bible" translations are NOT the original inspired Scriptures.  Bibles and copies of the manuscripts were being copied and reproduced centuries before the Catholic Vulgate. The Catholic Bible are not the only Bibles in the world you know? And no one "removed the Apocrypha" from the Catholic Bible. I have several Catholic Bibles and the Apocrypha is still there in all of them, just as it is in the King James 1611 Edition that I have. It was the Protestants who removed the Apocrypha from the Protestant Bibles nearly 300 years after they first put it in. That's enough.............I quit.

    God be with you,

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