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Author Topic: In agreement  (Read 2245 times)

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In agreement
« on: March 30, 2008, 09:36:49 PM »

    Hi Ray,
    I fully agree with you on the selected topics. Your revelations are not different from mine. I have the same explanations and meanings to the things you have written. I was arrested and detained for 2 and half years, and God revealed Himself to me and took me to the third heaven to understand the bible. It is true that tithing is a crime, it has become obsolete. it is true that we does not need water baptism, olive oil, incense, candles, handkerchiefs, aprons, perfumes, etc. I wrote a two thousand page book on the revelations given to me by God at Patmos (Jail) and i have titled my book the mysteries of God. It will be release next year God willing. I also have preach in my book that man has no free will. Do you know my qualification? 1 Corinthians 2:6 was the scripture given to me in a dream when God began with me. I am only a high school equivalent graduate, i hails from Africa; Ghana but resident in New York. We have one thing in common. The Beast as you said is the devil. And the devil is the spirit of man on earth. So mark of the beast is the mark of the devil. Mark means, spot, identity, stamp, etc. And Paul said; Be spotless, without wrinkles and blameless. Mark is sin. the mark of the beast is the sin of the beast. Whoever receives sin is said to have receive the mark of the devil. To receive the mark on the forehead means to sin in your mind or imagination. And the right hand stands for the heart of a wise man, according to Ecclesiastes 10:2; to receive the mark on the right hand, means that a believer has sin in his heart. from out of the heart comes all evil, mark 7:22; Jeremiah says; the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; So the beast is the physical heart of every mankind which pumps blood. In the blood lives the spirit of man. The sea which was referenced in revelation refers the blood of mankind. I have all the facts and scriptures to support all these things. If there is anyway I could help and con tribute to share the truth to expose all these lies the pastors has been preaching, please get back to me, and I am open for that.

    Dear Cobby: Two thousand pages you say?  And my revelations are no different from yours, you say?  Interesting. Let me know when your book is out.
    God be with you,
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