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Author Topic: Searching for answers  (Read 4946 times)

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Searching for answers
« on: April 01, 2008, 09:24:43 AM »

Dear L Ray Smith

Iíve been searching for answers and truth on many places from which one is the internet about our Almighty God, as many others Iím searching for the truth, Iíve been reading your teachings quite intensely the last couple of days and found it to be really interesting the way you can backup your teachings with the Bible. As it may be, do I have a question for you which I hope you can help me with......On and  you will find people with testimonies which explain Heaven and Hell really intensely. Some of this people lived life with no religious barriers and sin was something they practised every day with no regret until they had an experience with either Jesus our Lord and Saviour himself or Angels which changed their lives drastically. So drastically that they not only changed the way they think but also teach the world of their experience hoping to get the message over to the people......I would like to know how can this be possible and true if your teachings explain other wise. Please help me out on this one.

Thank you



Dear Attie:  You know, Attie, I don't really have an teachings on my own. ALL of my teachings are from the Bible. I only know what happens at death FROM THE BIBLE. And the Bible teaches (and Science pretty much backs it up), that when a person dies, he is DEAD. Here's what the Bible says, "...the living know that they shall die, but the dead KNOW NOT ANYTHING."  There it is. If all these people die, go to heaven, go to hell, and are conscious and know EVERYTHING that is going on, the the Bible is a crock.

Why do all these people keep coming back?  As a witness?  How can they be a witness--I don't believe they went to heaven or hell. Their experience does not convince me.  If the God of the Scriptures is the God of these people's description of hell, then the whole human race is in deep trouble, because such a "god" would be the most evil alien monster ever imaginable! After the saints of the Christian heaven get to view the terror of their unconverted children, grandmothers, great grandparents, and loved one, in the Christian hell, for about a hundred thousand million trillion quadrillion eons to the power of a billion, I believe that every last one of them would be so sick in their heart, mind and spirit, that they would mutiny such a deranged alien "god." I know that I would.

God be with you,


PS    Has any one done a comparison among all these thousands of testimonials to see if there is even TWO of them that went to the SAME HEAVEN AND THE SAME HELL AS ALL THE REST?  It's just the way my mind works, I guess. This whole thing reminds me of the "talking in UNKNOWN tongues" experiences.
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