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Author Topic: Sneaky  (Read 5146 times)

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« on: April 02, 2008, 08:59:49 PM »

YO Ray I got to tell you you are pretty sneaky in how you teach the word, for instance you tell people there is no RAPTURE and you even say that word is not even in the ORIGANIL.,which it is not, at least you got that right! But then to top it off you go and write words and papers saying that GOD IS SOVEREIGN. ITS SEEMS FUNNY TO ME RAY THAT THE WORD SOVEREIGN IS NOT EVEN IN THE BIBLE!  SO DONT BE TEACHING DOCTRINES BASED ON WORDS THAT ARE NOT EVEN BIBLICAL OR EVEN IN THE WORD FOR THAT MATTER...WAKE UP RAY YOUR STILL SLEEPING??

Dear Matthew:  YOU, Matthew are the "sneaky" deceitful one, not I.  I never said in passing that the word "rapture" itself if not found in the Scripture, I DID NOT make a point out of that or use that fact as evidence that there is no rapture, now did I?  No, of course I didn't, and you know it, but you want to make it seem like I did. That, Matthew is "sneaky" and deceitful. I am not concerned with such un-biblical words as rapture, trinity, immaculate conception, etc. I am only concerned as to whether the doctrines represented by those words is in the Scriptures or not.
God be with you,
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