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Author Topic: Full of Crap!  (Read 2462 times)

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Full of Crap!
« on: May 11, 2006, 12:26:41 PM »

Mr. Smith,
I think that you are full of crap!
Your whole veiws on everything are nothing but trash
because of you and you sinful teachings the man that started bringin me to church got kicked out of the church and now he is on the way to hell if he doesn't change his ways!
Your IDEAS, which is all they are, make no point you say that you shouldn't thith because it is not under the new test. and we dont live by the old test. anymore now if that is true do you realy think that it is okay for you to use stuff from the old test. to back up your THOUGHTS?
you also say alot of bad stuff about very powerful men of God(benny henn,etc.) now how can you say how bad they are and how wrong they are if you yourself only hold under one
percent of christians all over the world?
 you are not right in your teachings and if you do not change the teachings you have then you will surely burn in hell weather you believe in hell or not because my God tells me that there is punishments for false teachings if you dont believe me read peter maybe then you can believe God... maybe your not even a true believer?
i believe you should stop this Before it is to late i dont hate you i just wish that you would stop
teaching what you are teaching because it is false and your bringing people with you good people.
i have prayed for you and hope you can change your life.
reply your thoughts back i would truely like to hear your defence on the subject.
yours truely,
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