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Author Topic: The word never  (Read 3866 times)

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The word never
« on: April 20, 2008, 07:51:14 PM »

Just a short question. In the lake of fire part 9.
 And i was reading the part where you say And finally we read this, "…and never shall you` be any more" ( Verse 19). Think how absurd it would be to say that Satan would "never be any more." Satan is still (27 centuries later) alive and well on planet Earth.
The word never (like no more, forever), does it mean the same as aion in greek.
Even this is hebrew. Do you know how the word is translated it from hebrew?
Does never here means litteral never more?

God be with you

Dear Morten:  The word "never" in the Hebrew Old Testament is translated from the same word that means "no," or "not."  Virtually all the words "no," "not," and "never" in the Old testament are translated from the very SAME ONE WORD. Likewise in the Greek New Testament "never" and "not" are virtually always translated from the same word that means "no" or "not." And so, there really is no word that by itself means "never" more or "never" ever, as we might use it in English. A few places this negative Hebrew or Greek Word is used in conjunction with the word "olam" or "aion" and means "NO for the eon or age," or "NOT for the age." There is one Hebrew word that mean "not at all." But there is no word that carries our specific English definition of the word "never" in as "not ever," or "on no occasion," or "at no time." The English "never" deals with "time," where as the Biblical root words deal more with amounts of things rather than endless time.

God be with you,

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