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Author Topic: Spiritual warfare  (Read 5661 times)

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Spiritual warfare
« on: April 26, 2008, 07:35:27 PM »

Dear Mr. Smith,
I am reading your Lake of Fire series for the second time. I just enjoy the explaination of Gods word. I really did not get that in the church I was attending. It is really starting to make sense to me about the Beast being each one of us-including me. I am reading your paper on Fee Will. and I have a question please. The serpent that spoke with eve in the garden of Eden, did it actually talk to her as you or I would speak with one another? I mean, I am trying to get my mind around that because animals don't talk with us. I was thinking it may have been Eve's own carnal mind telling her to go against god. But I later read in your paper that is not correct. Can you explain please. Forgive my lack of knowledge please.

        Also, I believe in God and Jesus. but I continue to sin. Not a big sin mind you but still a sin. I read somewhere that God only gives you temptations that are normal to other men and only what you can handle (or something like that).  It bothers me I don't have the strength to resist being carnal. I ask God for his spirit to be in me, but with me still being able to sin I know he is not in me. It makes me sad. What can I do to have Gods spirit?

        Dear Christopher:  It really doesn't matter one way or the other whether Eve heard the serpent speak, or a voice in her head, or a voice from the fruit itself. The point is, she was tempted to disobey God's commandments, and she did disobey. Now then, let's use our mind for just a minute. If Eve's carnal mind told her to disobey God, then a few verses later we would have God Himself, first talking to Adam, then to Eve, and then to Eve's carnal mind. God would then put a curse on Eve's carnal mind, and tell Eve that her carnal mind would eat dust for the rest of her life. In addition, there would be enmity between Eve's carnal mind and the woman, and the seed of Eve's carnal mind, and Eve's seed, and Eve's seed would bruise the head of Eve's carnal mind, and Eve's seed would bruise HIS(?) heel.
        All of a sudden Eve's carnal mind became a "HE." It just doesn't fit, does it. Better to just accept the Scriptures as they are written until an alternative can be Scripturally proven.
        As for overcoming sin, this is something I am asked nearly daily. We all want to be sin free. This is a life long endeavor. Our first giant victory is when sin no longer "REIGNS over us." But from there, sins continually crop us (often unseen and un-noticed).  God gives His Holy Spirit to only those who obey Him, and no one can obey Him until HE grants one repentance. And then we still continue to suffer in our struggle against sin. God intends for us to fight. This life is spiritual warfare. The battle is never over. You need to cry out to God for the desire, then patience to suffer, and finally the power to overcome it. There is no magic formula. There is no magic prayer.  There is no sowing a seed or buying your way out of carnality. We must struggle and fight and overcome and endure until the end.
        God be with you,
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