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Author Topic: Dark Subcultures  (Read 4011 times)

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Dark Subcultures
« on: April 27, 2008, 11:28:05 AM »

dear Ray,
Iīm a dutch, 16 year old girl. Iīve read some of your articles on your site,
And there is something I really would like to get rid of.
Iīm Christian, at least I think so.. I donīt know what to believe at the moment.
but I am interested in your opinion about metal! I love metal, even live for it.
I think you are going to say itīs devilish or something.
Well, I do not agree. All the īmetal headsī and Goths. etc I know,
are nice, caring and social persons.
Music and appearance are just superficial, you cannot label someone a devil,
just by these things. Metal, black clothing and drugs do not have anything in common,
Hollywood is drifting away in alcohol, sex and drugs. But underground cultures
like metal, can stay alive without them. Itīs about who you want to be, not the person
other people want you to be. (because the pressure of other peoples suspections, is
in my opinion the reason for all of the psychological problems Hollywood-stars are facing.)
And, songlyrics, are just lyrics. Theyīre not ment to make people kill or hate.
Most of the metal-lyrics are about all the bad things happening in our world today.
If you listen to them, maybe you will discover that the most of them are
even Christian! So, forget the connection between gothic, metal or grindcore and satan.
They donīt have anything in common.
Thanks for reading my story. I hope my english was sufficient,
Simone, The Netherlands

Dear Simone:  Your English is very good, your reasoning is not so good.  What you loosely term "music" or "lyrics," I would have other definitions for. I find no redeeming value in such modern entertainment.  Even if the "lyrics" were true or even pure Scripture, that is not the way to present truth.  Would you serve wedding cake in a dog's dish?  When you grow up and mature, you will marvel that you ever found such foolishness entertaining.

God be with you,

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