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Author Topic: Oblivion  (Read 5312 times)

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« on: May 06, 2008, 08:46:17 AM »

> I wanted to ask from you about one thing:
> I read the book "2008: God's final witness", and although there was
> some good points, there was this thing that made me nervous:
> In this book, the author tells us that there's no hell, but instead,
> those who rejected Jesus and God will be punished by having no life
> ever. Oblivion, so to speak.
> That's pretty ridiculous punishment, if you ask me. We are weak
> beings, and we can't sometimes help the things we do,
> so it would be pretty cruel thing to sent someone into oblivion for
> not receiving Jesus.
> What do you think?

Dear Mikael:  I would never waste my time reading such utter and unscriptural nonsense. No, God is not going to annihilate the bad people like this guy and churches like the Jehovah's Witnesses teach. God will save all humanity that has ever lived.  I have hundreds of pages of material on "hell," "Judgment," etc. on my site. They believe that God has given man a power so great that he can actually thwart the very will of God (they call it free will). There is no such thing. We all have wills and we all make choices, but none of them are free from causality. Everything that has ever happened was caused by something, hence it was not "free" not to happen.

God be with you,

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