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Author Topic: Dude  (Read 5209 times)

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« on: May 23, 2008, 07:10:54 PM »

        Dude, Have you ever read the next verse?
        Isa 26:10
        Let grace be shown to the wicked,
        Yet he will not learn righteousness;
        In the land of uprightness he will deal unjustly,
        And will not behold the majesty of the Lord.
        I have quoted Isaiah 26:9 more times than any person alive (hundreds and hundreds of times):  "WHEN [not now, but 'when'] Thy JUDGMENTS are in the earth the inhabitants OF THE WORLD  WILL LEARN RIGHTEOUSNESS!" But you do not believe this Scripture, nor does orthodox Christendom.

        We believe it, but we read the context. You also use Philippians 2:10ff, but it will do no good for me to explain this using the Bible, due to your hermeneutic.


        Dear Aaron: Of course I have read verse 10.  You Christians are just amazing. I show you one of the most marvelous Scripture in all of God's Word, and you show me another verse that you say contradicts the Scripture that I gave you. You are saying that Verse 9 is not true, because verse 10 contradicts it.  You hypocrite!  You wouldn't understand "context" or "hermeneutics" if they slapped you in the face.

        The hermeneutic context of verse 9 is that it has never happened, therefore verse 10 is still the status quo in the world. Did you pay no attention at all when I commented that "WHEN.... not now, but WHEN" God's Judgments are in the earth the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness?  You totally missed my statement and you have totally missed the intent of this verse. Judah did not "learn righteousness" as a nation at the time of or after Isaiah's prophecy. That means it is yet future. But verse 10 is what has been going on ever since this prophecy was given. Jesus said that God rains on the just AND the unjust, yet they do not learn righteousness from the grace and favor that God has shown them. Grace and favor will not teach them righteousness until it is mixed with some severe Judgments.   "WHEN" God's Judgments are in the earth, the INHABITANTS OF THE WORLD  W-I-L-L  LEARN RIGHTEOUSNESS.

        You despiser's of the Word of God can deny it all you want, but God has spoken it through His Holy Prophet Isaiah, and it will come to pass, and your verse 10 will not prevent it, nor all the God-defying hermeneutics nonsense of all Christendom. And you too, Aaron, will one day bitterly repent for your rejecting God's Word.  I was going to tell you what you can do with you "orthodox Christian hermeneutics," but my Web Master advised against it.

        May God have mercy,


        PS   Don't call me "Dude."
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