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Author Topic: Future Job?  (Read 5455 times)

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Future Job?
« on: May 31, 2008, 08:28:00 AM »

Hey ray! It's your little pesky brother again!!
Anyways, i got a rather important question for you and it is specific and i know God doesn't give the answers to everything but I'm hoping you can give me a general answer to a rather specific question.
So i recently decided i'm going to be a PRE-MED student, in fact I'm already taking ONE of those medical required classes and next semester plan on loading up. It's going to be alot of studying for me consider im not the sharpest tool in the shed if ya catch my drift!
However i do wanna be a doctor and NOT for reasons of money but because i want to help save lives in the very literal sense! Besides, i hear doctors don't get paid nearly as much as they should, so all i want is a humble way to provide for a family and yet still be able to do something i enjoy!
Now here is my question. Can i as a doctor still be a man of God? Can i still serve the Lord and be faithful to H is commands regardless of what my occupation in this life is?
The most important thing to me ray is to GAIN CHRIST, i could care less of how i live and if i must give up medicine and being a doctor because it will prohibit me in some way of serving Christ than i would, Lord willing and if He is gracious and merciful of course.
I also want to one day be able to teach God's Word as you do ray, so i try and study when the Lord inspires me and i read your writings as he inspires me to read. Lord knows i hate to read! Yea i know, I'm going to be doing alot of reading as a PRE MED student.
Anyways, i hope you can kind of answer me that. I guess the question really is, Does it matter what occupation you have if you want to be a Man of God and hopefully one day be an overcomer? Is their a restriction? I know its hard for rich man to enter the kingdom, and Lord knows i don't want to be rich, far from it!
I'm just hoping i can have a descent steady job doing something i would love [saving lives literally] so that i can one day provide for a family and hopefully continue to grow into the image of Christ and teach the Word of God freely to anyone without any requirement of those who would listen and to obedient in all ways to God. This is my ultimate Goal, to achieve what God has called us for, Sons and daughters in the Kingdom!

Any answer would do ray.
Thanks alot and God bless you and please be around for many more years to come. We all love you and hope you have many more things to share with us as God reveals them.
With love from your [little] brother in Christ,

Dear Alex:  The main criteria in selecting an occupation or profession is whether you can obey God doing the things that your particular profession requires.  Could you be a policeman?  Possibly, but it would be hard to justify shooting people if necessary.  Medical doctors pus h drugs. Many drugs are extremely harmful, whereas a few are very beneficial. But there are certain protocols to administering proper medications for virtually all diseases. You will not last long if you buck the system and decide for yourself which drugs you will or will not administer. See what I mean?  If you had your own private practice, it is more feasible to stick to only low-risk, very beneficial drugs, but when you are coming up through the ranks, you do not have this privilege. Can one be a lawyer and be totally obedient to God? Yes. Will you be very successful, as the world measures success?  Maybe not.
Etc. This is a big topic, and I do not like to get involved in making such decisions for anyone. This is an area you must look at very carefully for yourself, I'm afraid.,
God be with you,
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