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Author Topic: Myths  (Read 5461 times)

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« on: May 13, 2006, 11:00:13 AM »

I have noticed in many religions, both past and presant, that many of the god's and their roles repeat themselves. An example would be like Jesus and Hercules, both had a father that was a God, lived quite normally until adulthood, when they started to get their "powers", and both went up into their Heaven after they died. Also, I have found that Zeus (Greek), Jupiter (Roman), Taran (Celtic), Ra (Egyptian), and the Christian God all play similar roles, in how the world works, where people come from, and the like. So is it possible that all the ancient religions (Celtic, Roman, Greek) were really portraying God, but in many, lesser gods, maybe because they had a lesser understanding of his power now, and felt the need to split up God's powers and personalities into other gods? I may only be 15, but I have noticed the pattern and stringly believe that all the past gods were actually refering to God himself in a way. what's your opinion on this, and could it be possible?
thank you,

Dear Taran:
Many religious doctrines are myths.  The ancient and pagan gods, however, are mostly traceable to real people. Not "gods," but real people. Most great heros of the ancient past have been turned into "gods." The same goes for "godesses."
God (the One and Only God), be with you,
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